Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CNN John King Shows Invalid COLB as proof that Orly Taitz is Crazy

Here’s the certificate of live birth, you’re absolutely right this is not a full birth certificate there is another one apparently on file with the state of Hawaii government and yes you can say ‘why haven’t they released the whole thing.’ Here’s a certificate of live birth this is what most Americans get if they go to the agency and try to get a copy of it —John King
Generally, one wouldn’t attempt to support one’s argument or disprove a falsehood by introducing fraudulent information into the discussion. Yet that is exactly what John King did in his interview regarding Arizona’s newly passed bill requiring presidential candidates to prove that they meet the constitutional requirement of Natural born citizenship. The bill sent to governor Jan Brewer's desk was vetoed by Brewer.

John King’s guess was Attorney at Law Orly Taitz a favorite of the Left to disparage as a "birther." What is interesting is in the exchange King makes no attempt at journalistic objectivity he is clearly there to defend Barry Hussein Soetoro.

One would think that a crack news agency like CNN wouldn’t use invalid documentation in attempt to prove that there is proof of the president’s eligibility. However, that’s exactly what Mr. King did. In addition to adding insult to injury Mr. King , in what can only be described as sophomoric despair, attempted to prove his belief that the president was born in Hawaii. He did this by showing a shot of a hospital in Hawaii. (see 12:23min video)

If one is to prove that president Soetoro is a Natural Born Citizen I would think that CNN’s John King would not use an invalid document to do so, don’t you think?. Of course he shouldn't, King didn’t realize the mistake he was making. If you look closely at the COLB that Mr. King holds up as evidence of the president’s eligibility, you’ll notice a black line out at the top where the certificate number should be. At the bottom of that same document it reads, “Any Alterations Invalid This Certificate” (a closer look below)

I’m thinking that Mr. King’s indignation and frustration is misplaced when pointed at Ms. Taitz and the hundreds of thousands of Americans that will not vote for Barry Hussein Soetoro unless he satisfies their request for him to show proof of eligibility, something that he has so far failed to do. This same request was asked before Mr. Soetoro received the nomination to run for president on the Democrat ticket yet he refused to do it.

He had the chance to do before he was elected and as proof that this is not an effort solely pointed at the president Sen. McCain was asked for proof and did show proof of eligibility while running against Sen. Soetoro in the 2008 presidential elections.

Soetoro supporters must be ignorant of this fact or blind hate filled race baiters to say it’s only because he’s Black that people are asking that he comply with the constitution.

McCain showed his long form birth certificate while campaigning for the presidency so that invalids any specious race base arguments that Soetoro is being asked only because he is Black.

Barry Hussein Soetoro is being asked to authenticate himself because it is a constitutional requirement that the president of the United States be a Natural Born Citizen. No citizen of the United States can reasonably argue against that. Contrarily this president and his administration are capriciously choosing which laws to enforce and obey.

That is a dangerous precedence and slippery slope, which is leading this country into a Political Oligarchic Democracy form of government, which is tyranny of the mob or mob elected rulers rather than the Constitutional Republic that the founding fathers intended.

John King, CNN and Soetoro supporters in essence are saying damn the constitution we have what we wanted. When that door is opened, it won’t be long before tyrannous rulers fundamentally change the whole structure of the constitutional system.

After which even Barry Hussein Soetoro supports will understand that what they have unleashed on the United States is the being of the end. If one has eyes to see, it can be seen now. What is this lack of jobs, what is the non-enforcement of our borders, what is the selective enforcement of laws is it not the unraveling of a Nation?

And who sits atop it? An ineligible constitution violator who believes his words replace those of Adams, Washington, Jefferson and Franklin.