Thursday, June 23, 2011

Change the subject you’ve just been Obamtomized

"President Obama is in violation of the constitution and the authority under the War Powers Act as well. The United States Congress now cannot sit idly by any longer." -- REP. SCOTT GARRETT, R-WANTAGE
Did you view the President’s speech last night? Over staged and over produced wouldn’t you say? I thought it was like putting a tuxedo on a goat. No matter how one dresses up a goat, a goat is still a goat.

Likewise sometimes highfalutin poetry in a speech isn’t needed. Sometime prose will do just fine. This was such a time. You see the president just attempted to outsmart the American people by presenting a dressed up speech about troop withdrawal from Afghanistan when consulting with Congress, as required by the Wars Power Act, about his illegal war in Libya was all the straight talk in prose that was really needed. Last night’s speech was an act of classic misdirection. The president attempted to change the subject of the national debate by switching the national conversation from his illegal war to that of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In like manner the president purposely and with great fanfare changed the national conversation when he held a press conference about a month ago producing what he alleges is his birth certificate, a document he previously, for almost three years, refused to show.

By the president’s own admission, he purposely produced the birth certificate at this time to change the national dialogue. He said he was unsettled by the media’s attention on the birth certificate therefore he released what he claims is his birth document to change the media’s focus.

Yes by all means bring the troops home from Afghanistan but don’t attempt to change the national discussion concerning your violation of the Wars Power Act (WPA) by using the brave fighting men and women of the armed services.

No matter how many troops the president plans to pull out of Afghanistan and no matter the timeline, the national conversation was about the illegal war in Libya and the president’s violation of the Wars Power Act because of his failure to consult Congress regarding the Libyan war.

An increasingly war-weary House of Representatives lashed out at President Obama on Friday for not asking Congress' permission to commit United States forces in Libya — but did nothing to stop it.-- HERB JACKSON

Just a week ago the headlines where trumpeting the fact that Libya is an illegal war. They were reporting that Congress was demanding that the president report to them in accordance to the Wars Power Act. (here,hereand here)

Florida Republican Congressman Tom Rooney, who used to teach constitutional law as a professor at West Point, slammed President Barack Obama this week for insisting that the War Powers Resolution does not apply to American military action against Libya.-- Kevin Derby

To counter Congressional calls for compliance with the WPA the White house through the president’s advisors said that they didn’t consider the Libyan incursion a war therefore they didn’t see a need to report to Congress and/or ask the Congress’s permission under the war power act. (source)

NPR, obviously covering for the Soetoro administration, went as far to suggest that the War Power Act was no longer a valid and working law (source)

As the date of full noncompliance rapidly approached and the Soetoro administration would be found in complete violation of the WPA suddenly and completely shifting attention away from the matter at hand the president gave a speech last night about troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Then remarkably, the media conversation shifted to a troops draw down out of Afghanistan instead of the president’s illegal war in Libya. That was the purpose of the president’s speech last night.

But wait a minute, just how many wars does the president have going? Bush had just the two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. Well if you count Iraq and Afghanistan, one that the president didn’t end according to his campaign promises and the other one he escalated on this own.

He also has the illegal U.N. backed Libyan war going, and illegal conflicts in Yemen going. That’s four Soetoro wars to Bush’s two wars. In addition, Bush had congressional approval before one bullet was fired or one bomb was drop in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Presently according to Liberal pundit Andrew Sullivan, President Soetoro has two illegal wars going, Libya and Yemen where he has not sought Congressional approval. (see source)

It is interesting that Code Pink isn’t camped out at the Obama’s Chicago home, 5046 South Greenwood Avenue. In protest of the four wars, the Nobel Peace Prize winner is engaged in.

Makes all anti-war protestors look kinda hypocritical doesn’t it?

Talk about hypocrisy, true story, there’s a person at work who had the daily count of military deaths in Iraq in the back of his car window on flip over placards when Bush was president. But since Obama been president he’s taken the counts down. When I asked him where his death counts were he sheepishly schlepped away mumbling something under his breath.

Hypocritical much?

Bottom line is its good that the president is drawing down troops in Afghanistan but that is not the conversation that we need to be having right now. What the president needs to do is stop all illegal war activity as Congresses is demanding or show cause by submitting to Congress under the WPA.

The time of political subterfuge and political slight-of-hand is over Mr. president you can’t believe that the American people are as stupid as the media and haven’t notice what’s going on.

You didn’t want the national spotlight focused on your illegal war so you switched the conservation to troop draw-downs.

For those of us who have not been Obamtomized, your little trick didn’t work Mr. president. Also it has not escaped the attention of the vast majority of Americans that you are engaged in two illegal wars during your reelection bid, something that even George Bush did not do.