Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Than Black

Sen. Barack Obama

Rarely does America have the opportunity to speak so openly and directly about the issue that has defined our Nation’s conflicted social struggle regarding race as we heard when Sen. Barack Obama rose to the occasion yesterday in the city of brotherly love and spoke to calm our fears.

Before now we as a nation have taken the coward’s way out by speaking about race in coded words or by mocking the subject in our media with shows like “All in the Family” or hatin’ on one another through our music in lyric and rhyme that uses pulsating beats by which to spew out racial hatred.

Barack Obama took on the challenge of over 200 years of American racial dysfunction that was foisted on him by situations totally out of his control. And Obama took on that challenge and met it with intelligence, wisdom and grace the likes that have not been seen since the 16th President of these United States was forced to deal with some of the same forces that threatened to divide this country.

For those who used Rev. Wright’s words to attack Sen. Obama while justifying their own racial fears Sen. Obama’s speech did not satisfy their need to hate him, but then again nothing will.

For those who support Sen. Obama this was a bright and shining moment that reinforced why you support him. For he indeed proved that he has the mettle to be President of the United States of America.

David Corn political commentator reviews Sen. Obama speech with a clarity and objectivity that demonstrates that one doesn’t have to be jaded to cover a human dynamic that is usually used to manipulate people as politics often does.

However I am sure the David Corn would agree with me that what we heard in Sen. Obama speech was not manipulation. No it was far from it, what we heard was a man, an American man who took on the issue of race that had heretofore been used against him repeatedly by opponents and media alike but somehow he transcended it for the good of the country and became more than black.

And with a calm and confidence that is unmatched in any other candidate that he is running against Sen. Obama assured this nation that our racial problems are more than just black our problems are economic and education and health care, etc.

Sen. Obama showed us that our problems are ones that we all face in common and they are problems that we will not defeat separated by traditional racial divides.

Though I will not vote for Barack Obama because of his Liberal politics and I believe those politics would lead this country in the wrong direction, I can say unequivocally that Barack Obama is where he is not because he is Black Ms. Ferraro, but on the contrary he is challenging for the Presidency of the United States of America because he is more than Black.

And in addition he has reminded America that her problems are more than about Race, America’s problems are about people all of the people that make up this great nation.

Loving, helping, lifting up people, that is why Barack Obama is where he is today and that is what the country has bought into Ms. Ferraro and you Conservatives that are hatin’ on Obama for somebody else’s words.

Listen to Sen. Obama’s own words you may not support him (As I do not support him) but do not project your own racial bigotry and hate on him. That is something that you will have to work out between you and your higher power.
(see speech below)