Friday, November 06, 2009

Kill Bill the Health Care Sequel(s)

Thursday’s November 05, 2009 Citizen’s anti- Government Health Care takeover Rally

No not Starring David Carradine and Uma Thurman Kill Bill 3 showed on Capital Hill yesterday starring Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Co-Starred Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Thousands of United States citizens rallied against Democrats' health care reform on the steps of Capitol Hill protesting the more than $1 trillion dollars and 1990-Page Government Takeover of Health Care proposed by Democrats who completely disregarded Kill Bill 1; the August Town Hall meetings. And who are completely disregarding Kill Bill 2; Democrat loses in Virginia’s and New Jersey’s gubernatorial races which many are attributing to Democrat policies—Health Care being one of those policies. (see story) (see 1:22min video)

[A] crowd of protesters shouted "kill the bill," House Republicans on Thursday rallied opposition against the Democrats' health care legislation—
According to, Thousands of protesters arrived by bus for the rally, which Congressmen are calling an emergency "House Call." The event drew the conservative "tea party" activists but unlike past rallies this rally was officially sanctioned by House Republicans.

Republicans were formally unveiling their version of a health care reform bill Thursday.
"A lot of Blue Dogs in this country are going to have a lot of 'splaining to do back at home in their districts, where people do not want the health care that's being peddled by this administration," Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told Fox News.
Republicans say they want to kill the Democrat bill with Thursday's rally.

However if Democrats persist in pushing this bill, then “Kill Bill” 4 will open November 3, 2010 at a voter’s poll near you.

If suicidal Democrats manage to pass this Bill, as Nancy Pelosi has promised, then Kill Bill 5 is certain to follow opening at the polls in November of 2012 with the defeat of president Barry Hussein Soetoro and his Democrat Party.