Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is It Alive?

Former Senator Walking Arlen Specter

Senator or mad scientist? No just a “Former Senator Walking,” meaning that the good people of Pennsylvania should do the country a favor and recall Arlene Specter at best but at the very least Pennsylvanians need to look for a Republican challenger for the Senate seat in their state, Arlen Specter’s seat.

Specter who first gain notoriety by chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee and making it harder for Republican judicial nominees than present chairman Patrick Leahy, D-VT ever could is again show his lack of understanding of what it means to be a Republican.

In a complete act of senility or rather general political incompetence Arlen Specter is attempting to dig up and revive the Immigration bill.

That’s right the one bill that split President Bush from the base of the Republican Party, the one issue that will guarantee Republican disaster in 2008 Senator Specter has dug it up like a dog retrieving a buried bone. Like a dog returning to his own vomit Senator Specter is on the verge of offering a new immigration reform package.

Not only is Specter waving this corpse of a bill around in the faces of Republicans, he like Mary Shelley’s Dr. Victor van Frankenstein, is doing patch work surgery on this monstrosity of Immigration reform in an attempt to revive it from the dead.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s senior Republican said on Thursday that he is on the verge of offering a new immigration reform package, making significant changes that could win over recalcitrant members from both parties.

Specter believes that cutting out the controversial “Z visa” program, which would have granted the nation’s 12 million illegal immigrants immediate citizenship will make his bill appealing to Republicans. Removing the Z visa would stop conservatives from seeing this bill as “amnesty.” But he would leave intact the family reunification standard that this spring’s defunct immigration bill partially replaced with a skills-based system.

Family reunification is Democrat speak for if a Mexican national manages to sneak into the United States and if he or she establishes his or her self, once the United States grants these Illegal aliens some type of legal status through Senator Specter’s proposed bill the Mexican national would have the right to legally bring in Mexican family members, mothers, fathers, children, and various other immediate family members. This would result in exponential Hispanic population growth, 20 million illegals would multiple into 80 million and up in a matter of years.

Specter’s efforts are meant to remove the illegal status of 12 to 20 million Mexican nations who are in this country illegally. Specter wishes them to be no longer perceived as fugitives from justice. The Senator has admitted that this is an attempt to bring Mexican nationals who are in this country illegally out of the shadows so that they will no longer have to fear deportation which is the normal consequence of their illegal act.

Senator Specter you are so gone this next election cycle and believe me you will not be missed!