Monday, August 06, 2012

Klaven: Radicals on the Left best argument, “Shutup!”

Andrew Klaven has a theory why the left is hell bend on making Net Neutrality, Political correctness and the “Fairness Doctrine” law. In addition, why the left is is attempting to make president and COO, Dan Katy of Chick-fil-a and his company a social pariah. In a rational and fair discussion, Liberals lose the debate so they must resort to their two best arguments. “Shut up” and Don’t listen to Conservatives that don’t shut up.

No doubt, you’ve heard the president of the United States admonishment suggesting that Americans, “Don’t listen to Limbaugh.” (see 4:44min video)

In the marketplace of ideas, Liberal ideology cannot compete with Conservative ideas therefore Liberal arguments are subsidized by Fascist Mayoral pronouncements meant to shut up individuals, who have constitutional guaranteed rights to speech and religious expression. If a citizen exercises, his right to speak his convictions that person is soon to feel the authoritarian boot of the government on his or her neck as Mr. Katy did.

In America this would never be allow to stand. However, in a hope and change America Fascism is a real and common occurrence as evidence by Mayors Rahm Emmanuel's and Thomas Menino's effort to shut up U.S. citizen Dan Katy's personal opinion.