Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I am an American I have the right to debate and disagree

Now that's change we can all hope for

Recently I was challenged by a reader in which he ended his defense of president Barry Hussein Soetoro’s lack of proof of eligibility to be president with the following statement, “Alaphiah, President Obama won the election 53% to 45%. The people have spoken. He's black. He's the President. Now be a man, be an American, and get over it.”

Well I’m guessing that this person is not keeping up with current events because looking at the numbers this president is in serious trouble.

According to Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times (not a conservative newspaper), Now that [president Soetoro] has signed his beloved healthcare legislation and despite his continued stumping for the measure, CBS News finds a) the stumping has been ineffective, b) most Americans don't like the bill (53%), c) many expect the quality of care to decrease while costs continue to increase and d) few see anything in it for them. Other than that, it's a huge public relations success.

As another result of the passage and preceding rancorous healthcare debate, Rasmussen Reports finds that 53% of Americans now say they trust Republicans more with this traditionally Democratic issue, while 37% still trust [the Democrat] party.

Soetoro may have won the election but that was before the people saw what they were voting for. Now only 44% of Americans give Soetoro a favorable rating.

The RealClearPolitics average has Obama's approval at 47.5% and disapproval at 46.1.—Andrew Malcom


My anonymous reader really shouldn’t be so cocky because what the people did in 2008 will be undone. The people will speak again this year in November and again in 2012. And yes the only reason Soetoro was elected besides Bush hatred was because he is Black but that won’t happen again! And when he loses in 2012 there are a lot of Obamabots who will have to (how did you say…) get over it.

The Reader’s statement was in response to my post reporting that Lt. Col. Terry Lakin of the U.S. Army is refusing orders from president Barry Hussein Soetoro until the president shows proof that he is in fact a legitimate Commander-in-Chief. (see post)

First as an American I have every right to know if the person occupying the White House is there in accordance with Constitutional requirements. Second as an American I have every right that Hillary Clinton declared every American has. (hear 16 sec audio)

Thank you Secretary Clinton it’s reassuring to know that you Democrats understand that opposition is as American as apple pie. Why opposition is even patriotic according to Ms. Clinton.

Now to the fun. I’ve dealt with this particular reader before on the issue of Soetoro’s birth certificate. I know this because he continues to make the mistaken attempt to present his case that a “prima facie document” as he calls the phony document, which the president presented as a Certification of Live Birth, is substantial proof of Soetoro’s Hawaiian birth.

I on the other hand have shown on several posts, on this subject, evidence that more than refutes a prima facie claim. First I established that before Soetoro was president he and his associates were exploring whether they could challenge the Natural Born Citizen Requirement. Sarah P. Herlihy an attorney with a working relationship with Soetoro wrote a paper with the intent of challenging the Constitutional requirement. It is apparent this was done with Soetoro in mind. (see document below)

Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement Sarah p. Herlihy Feb 22 2006

This establishes that Soetoro always knew that he is ineligible to be president.

Now regarding that so-called prima facie Certification of Live Birth, below is a copy of that document as it was posted on the president’s own website fight-the-smears (see document below)

And below is a real Hawaiian birth certificate issue from Hawaii the day after president Soetoro is said to be born there.

Not the same as Soetoro’s is it? That’s the point! There is enough evidence to counter any Prima Facie document. Enough evidence to warrant discovery and enough evidence to have court proceedings follow.

The Reader who continues to point to the Certificate of live birth as proof positive of Soetoro’s Hawaiian birth is simply wrong.

What must Barry Hussein Soetoro do? He must recognize that there is a deficit of trust between him and the America people now. And he must show the original vaulted copy of his birth certificate something that every American has had to do at least a dozen times in their life time.

Showing his original vaulted copy would prove that Obama is constitutionally eligible to hold the office of the presidency. Why is it necessary? Well as I have said Soetoro has posted a fake Certificate as proof on his website, “Fight the Smears” as his birth Certificate (see site) and (here)

However we now know that a different type of birth certificate was issued by Hawaii at the time of Soetoro’s birth as presented by Ms. Eleanor Nordyke. Worldnetdaily Ms. Nordyke has come forward with copies of the original vaulted birth certificates issued to her for the births of her twin daughters born in Hawaii the day after Obama was purportedly birth there at the same hospital which he claims to be born in. (see certificate)

Again, not the same as Obama’s is it? That’s the point! All that the people on the radical left, my “Prima Facie” Reader included, are doing is casting aspersions on Americans and patriots who are asking for the president to show proof that he is not an Usurper as the evidence indicates. This is our right to do. No this is our duty!

Ms. Eleanor Nordyke holding original vaulted copies of Hawaii Birth Certificates issued to her for her twin daughters’ birth in the same hospital and a day after Barack Hussein Obama claims that he was born in Hawaii

“Prima Facie” Reader I have the right as an American to question the government or the president’s eligibility. But more importantly the president has the duty to dispel any doubt that he is functioning out of the scope of the constitution. He also has a duty to show Americans that he is legitimate.

Just ask Sen. John McCain who did show his long and short forms when Democrats questioned his eligibility.