Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Tribesman-in- Chief

In president, Barry Hussein Soetoro’s book “Dreams from my Father” the president establishes that like his father he is an anti-colonialist. That’s important because president Soetoro views Europe and America as Colonial powers that must be divested of the wealth that they acquired from exploiting third world countries. (see previous post’s explanation)

Because the president is an anti-colonialist, he would never want to be called a king. Therefore, I’ve borrowed from the president’s African Luo tribal heritage and I will refer to him as a dictator or Chief.

I refer to him as a dictator because of his desire to bypasses the United States Congress concerning the laws of the United States. He attempted to bypass Congress when he illegally waged wars in the countries of Yemen and Libya without Congressional consent, his desire to by pass Congress on the issue of illegal Alien’s illegal entry into the United States. Now he has newly instructed his inner circle to find ways to by pass congress yet again to enact administratively his jobs plan.

The president is clearly overstepping his Constitutional bounds. He’s done it several times. In his latest contempt of Congress, he has asked his inner circle to implement administratively the $447billion dollar tax increase, which he calls the American jobs Act. In doing so, Barry Hussein Soetoro moves from the pretense of being president to that of being an African Luo Chief. (see 5:14min video)

To play games knowingly and willfully with the constitution in order to get his policies into law is exactly what Democrats did with Obamacare.

Charging his inner circle to enact administratively his jobs bill after the Congress voted it down is exactly what the president has done.

Those are not the actions of a U.S. president. These are the actions of a tyrant, a tin horned dictator. This president is acting more in line with a Luo Tribal Chief rather than the president of the United States of America.

Just add it to a grown list of reasons that he shouldn’t be reelected in 2012.