Friday, September 25, 2009

They never sang praises to President Bush

President Barry Soetoro in the classroom with our children

Sounds strange because it is. Fact is you can’t name a time in U.S. history when school children were taught to sing a song to a U.S. president. Go ahead name just one… I didn’t think so.

Students did not sing praises to President Bush but they are being encouraged to singing praises to President Barry Soetoro.

September 8, 2009 the Barry Soetoro administration created a national controversy with an intended speech to the children of America. While we don’t know what the original speech would have been. And we’ll never know what President Soetoro originally intended to say because his speech was reconfigured due to parent protest all across the nation, many Soetoro supporters are now claiming that the speech was harmless and parents overreacted by keeping their children home. But I don’t think so.

What we do know is that President Soetoro intended to have the students thinking about him this school year. That fact was in the curriculum that was released by the Department of Education, children were instructed to write a letter explaining how they could help the president. Teaches were instructed to hold the children accountable to their goals to help the president throughout the year. That idea too was change when parents protested. (see previous post)

Parents and School administrators had the right to be concerned because any learned person knowledgeable regarding propaganda techniques used in Stalinist and Red Communism recognized the techniques that the Soetoro administration was attempting to employ on our children. Those same techniques were used in Nazi Germany as well. (see 2:57mins video)

Weird and strange right? Well follow are your and my children in America being indoctrinated in much the same way today. (see 2:25min video)

Just an isolated incident? I don’t think so. (see 3:17min video)

This indoctrination is happening all across America to the young minds that are not aware that they are being used as political pawns for change. (see 3:09min video)

These haunting and unbelievable videos are demonstrative of a phenomenon happening in the schools all across America. Seemingly innocuous activities full of subliminal messages that children are not mature enough to cope with.

Some are suggesting that Soetoro’s September 8 speech was totally harmless and even appropriate. For those who say that they are wrong on both counts. Everything that Soetoro does has an ulterior motive because he is trained in the methods Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which is a rule book for how to undermine the government by stealth.

They never sang praise to President Bush or to any other U.S. president for that matter. You should be concerned. You should be very concerned!