Monday, March 31, 2008

Let Me Get This Straight!

Unless I totally misunderstood a report on Fox News,
Obama has been a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood.
He has even taken donations linked to the organization.

Recently, an undercover operation by citizens, called
Planned Parenthood about making donations. They explained
that they specifically wanted the money to be earmarked for
abortions of "black" pregnancies only.

The taped phone conversations clearly show that the phone
representatives at the organization, were more than eager to
accept the money, with those stipulations. Some of the
dialogue was racist to the extreme, from an organization that
professes the desire to help the least fortunate of black and
other minority women end those unwanted pregnancies.

I hope that this comes as a big surprise to Obama, one of Planned
Parenthood's biggest supporters. Otherwise, we have seen yet
another side of our "wannabee" president exposed.

I also wonder whether the Obama campaign will return any
monies received from that organization.

And She wants to run Our Government?

Democrat Nominee hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton

There she goes again, she’s never managed, run or been an executive of anything besides this Presidential campaign and she’s in the red again.

Oh, but according to Sen. Clinton she’s “tested and ready” on day one to lead this nation. How long must we endure this assault on our good sense and judgment? Just who do the Clintons think that they are fooling?

Yes I know, I know that there are those who would support Hillary Clinton even if Rev. Jeremiah Wright were her pastor, and even if she is a sniper fire fraud, but come on guys if one of the two reasons (one is her experience the other is she’s a woman) that Sen. Clinton gives as justification for what qualifies her to be President turns out to be phony like for instance her 1996 Hillary and Chelsea most excellent Bosnia Adventure doesn’t that give you pause?

The fact that her Campaign is cash-strapped (again) and not paying its bills is an indication to everyone who is a conscious, sentient human being that Sen. Clinton is not credible even in her claim that only she has the experience to be president.

Clinton's campaign did not respond to recent, specific questions about its transactions with vendors. But Clinton spokesman Jay Carson pointed on Saturday to an earlier statement the campaign issued to Politico, asserting: "The campaign pays its bills regularly and in the normal course of business, and pays all of its bills."—Kenneth P. Vogel

Let’s look at how the two campaigns compare:

The New York senator’s presidential campaign ended February with $38 million in the bank, according to a report filed last week with the Federal Election Commission, but only $16 million of that can be spent on her battle with Obama.

The rest can be spent only in the general election, if she makes it that far, and must be returned if she doesn’t. If she had paid off the $8.7 million in unpaid bills she reported as debt and had not loaned her campaign $5 million, the cash she would have had available at the end of last month to spend on television ads and other upfront expenses would have been less than $2 million.

By contrast, if you subtract Obama’s $625,000 in debts and his general-election-only money from his total cash on hand at the end of last month, he’d still be left with $31 million.
—Kenneth P. Vogel

So based on the facts Sen. Obama has less debt than Sen. Clinton and more net cash reserves so who between the two would you say has the experience to lead this country if running a campaign is any indication of the ability to manage a multi-complex multimillion dollar enterprise?

Sen. Clinton once boasted that she has plenty of ideas yet the country would not be able to afford them all.

That statement is perhaps the only truthful thing that Sen. Clinton has said in this whole campaign.

With her claims of experience gone the way of sniper fire in Bosnia the only reason to vote for Sen. Clinton now is because she is a woman.

How ironic when the feminist movement was principally about making the genders equal while working for a day when gender would not matter. Yet, Sen. Clinton as managed to even set that idea of the movement back 50 years with her use of “Socialist Femi Nazi” gender specific politics.

And she wants to run our Government?