Monday, March 31, 2008

Let Me Get This Straight!

Unless I totally misunderstood a report on Fox News,
Obama has been a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood.
He has even taken donations linked to the organization.

Recently, an undercover operation by citizens, called
Planned Parenthood about making donations. They explained
that they specifically wanted the money to be earmarked for
abortions of "black" pregnancies only.

The taped phone conversations clearly show that the phone
representatives at the organization, were more than eager to
accept the money, with those stipulations. Some of the
dialogue was racist to the extreme, from an organization that
professes the desire to help the least fortunate of black and
other minority women end those unwanted pregnancies.

I hope that this comes as a big surprise to Obama, one of Planned
Parenthood's biggest supporters. Otherwise, we have seen yet
another side of our "wannabee" president exposed.

I also wonder whether the Obama campaign will return any
monies received from that organization.


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    You Got it, Brookie!

    Barak's in bed with the KKK !

    Did you also know about his Preacher, Jeremiah Wright has a lavish Life Style? His Church has bought him a $10 Million Dollar home, not unlike some other Prosperity Theologists like Robertson, Baker, and other Televangelists.

    Al think's I'm bigotted against him, but I know what his Liberation Theology and his Prosperity Theology translate to. I have no illusions. We'll be taxed to death to support someone else's extravagant life style with Barak at the helm.

  2. This is what I've been saying all along there is plenty of this kind of stuff to sink Obama with. We needn't stoop to race and religion baiting.

    Today Obama made some pretty remarkable statements about abortion and his girls and if they would make a mistake.

    Most commentators interpret these statements to mean that he see abortion as a first remedy for a possible "mistake" that his daughters might make in the future.

    This may not play big out of conservative circles but it should!

    Not that it would hurt him among Liberals but swing voters might be affected.

  3. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I did not bait anybody, as a certain person contends. I did illustrate, however, that certain unchallenged utterances had negative impact upon someone's method of governance.

    Obama has clearly tipped his hand to show that he's going to govern by his "Social Gospel", as demonstrated by "Reverend" Wright, a proponent of Liberation Theology and Prosperity Theology. Anyone who has read von Hayek's "Fatal Conceit" would know that the word "Social" is a negator, and that someone who's heard of von Hayek doen't need to retake Economics 101. . . or perhaps someone here wants to espouse Charles Fourier's ideas on Christain Socialism and drink from the Oceans of Koolade which this Economic System prophesies?

    Hillary would govern as a Socialist, at least until things go wrong after about a year, and then she'd get some help to bail her butox out of a jam. Hillary is incompetant, but she'll find that out soon enough. A save is possible for Hillary, but not for Obama.

    Obama has tipped his hand. We know what to look for. His Theology gave him away, but I will agree that we do not need Theology to attack him (unless he goes Theocratic like John Calvin did), at least not directly. He did, however, expose an unmistakeable weakness.

    Sorry Al, but I feel you jumped to conclusions on this one.

  4. Al.......if you are referring to my agreement with Geraldine Ferraro's statement, that Obama wouldn't be where he is, had he not been black, I still agree with her.

    I don't feel that is "race bating", but rather a statement of fact.

  5. brook,
    By Geraldine Ferraro's own admission she would not have accomplished what she did if not for the fact that she is a woman.

    I'm afraid that Ms. Ferraro is condemned to look at the world through a 1960's race and gender political kaleidoscope.

    One in which she can't imagine any woman or Black achieving anything but by affirmative action.

    What's your excuse?

  6. Obama clearly won 90% of the black vote, in every caucus and primary. What qualified him for that disproportionate percentage? Certainly not his "other" qualifications.

    The percentages of the white vote given to Obama, were primarily from the "guilt-ridden" liberals, who always felt that affirmative action didn't go far enough.

    Given a fair and open Presidential election, with all partys voting, those percentages would change dramatically, on all sides.

  7. 90% are numbers that Hillary Clinton would die for, Wait, as a matter of fact those were the numbers that she was expecting to get if Obama were not in the race.

    So your example proves nothing.

    And to discount the white vote he got as "guilt-ridden" says more about you than them as you attempt to justify yourself and explain away the fact that Obama appealled to voters of all colors.

    Conservatives and Obama's opponents are the ones fixated on race not he.

    Frankly I'm disappointed that the conversation has degenerated into these racial overtones.

    Whoever leaked the Jeremiah Wright tapes has done what they intented to do create a racial divide in this election. Nothing in politics is done on accident.

    This gives people justification to give in to their prejudices and fears while hiding behide the bogeyman that because Obama went to this Church that means that he is racist.

    A kind of reverse-racism but racism none-the-less.

    If Conservatives don't move away from this kind of blind racism we will pay a huge price!

  8. Sorry Al...... you cannot convince me!

    Obama is racist, having attended this blatantly racist/anti-American, so-called "Christian church".

    There is no way that a man could attend a church for twenty three years, have "Rev" Wright as a mentor and close family friend, and not have that rub off on his own thinking.

    And that news story about the 'black liberation' church, was just that..... news! I am glad that some diligent reporter acted in the name of the public, instead of worrying about being called racist.

    I truly feel that this is just the tip of this iceberg called Obama, when with each passing day we discover more and more about a man who hoodwinked the voters, based on 'voodoo qualifications'.

  9. Anonymous5:38 PM


    I am having roughly the same argument as you with you-know-who. I differ in that I've added a dimension, Wright's Prosperity Theology to his Liberation Theology. Wright differs from Jim Bakker only in that he compounds with error with the very Black Liberation Theology you speak about.

    In consequence, I have extrapolated the consequences of such a Theology onto Economic Policy. Obama is going to Tax and Spend. He will Spend to enrich the Lifestyles of his favorites, as in the case of Wrght's $10 Million home bought at Church Expense. Consequently, I shudder to think what will be bought at Taxpayer Expense.

    I have quoted elsewhere how Thomas Jefferson would react, to no avail. I have mentioned how certain Churches would defrock & expel such a Pestilential Parasite such as Wright. I have illustrated that Obama's failure to act against such flagrantly obscene acts of misconduct would translate into a forign policy that would permit Iran the unlimited use of Nukes without lifting a single finger to stop him, NAY!, even protest should the Russians, the Indians, or the Chinese be forced to act in self defense against Iran.

    She obviously isn't aware of one consequence of Religious Freedom, the Moral Imperative of keeping your own Clergy on the Straight and Narrow.

    I leave it with you to reason with her. I get called a racist and a bigot for my efforts. Now it's your turn.

    Lots of Luck!