Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remember Who Started it!!!!.............

I am not distressed hearing of the “threats” made to congressmen who
voted for this travesty the Obama administration calls, “Health Care

What do these total idiots know of the desires of the voting public?
They have set themselves up as “gods”, claiming to know what is in
our best interest, while totally disregarding our desires. They certainly
can’t claim that they haven’t been barraged with demands to “Kill the

Though I don’t personally advocate violence on any level, these
arrogant SOBs need to have the fear of God forcibly injected into their
just as they have injected their wills on us. I can fully
understand that frustration can bring some people to desperation and
cause them to strike out, as wrong as that is.

This country has always prided itself on the “peaceful transfer of
after election cycles. The present Socialist Democrat administration is not encouraging this peaceful transfer in the least. They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction...............preferably at the polls ... but for some, any way that it can be accomplished.

Before the War for Independence from a tyrannical government, our
then representatives were honest men, interested in the welfare of the
people they represented. One of the rallying cries was, “taxation
without representation is tyranny”
. Well ........ this is what we now
have. Buy Health Insurance, or pay a tax.... blatantly unconstitutional! Those who elected to thwart the will of the people in 1773, were literally tarred and feathered and driven out of town on a rail. That is what we need today.

Our so-called representatives have totally forgotten their loyalty. They no longer represent us, but rather the “party”, and the plea of a Socialist leader, who actually forced his party members to vote to “save his Presidency”. This was not about you Mr. Obama, but about us! When you promised change, you made dozens of other promises............ALL of which you have broken.

We will not allow you to bring us any further to the left.
Your days as someone who can hurt our country will end in November 2010......
when your majority in both houses of Congress evaporates! Then you
will be “just another community organizer” with time on his hands and
not too many friends. The Republicans have promised you the same
amount of cooperation that you have given to them.............nothing!

You will sit out the balance of your term as a lame duck, unable to get
your lunch order processed to your liking.

Once we have more conservative individuals in both the congress and the
White House, we will begin repairing the damage you have caused to our
economy, defense, health care, and country.

You socialists are hoping that by November, the anger will have cooled
and you will retain control. Don’t even go there.......... you are toast!

Hope and Change equals Socialism

Soetoro and Sharpton enjoying a bite to eat

“Well first of all then we would have to say that the American public overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected president Obama.
Let’s not act as though the president had told the American people… the president promised the American people health reform when he ran he was overwhelming elected running on that and he has delivered what he promised.”—The Reverend Al Sharpton
Americans Voted for Socialism when they voted for Barry Hussein Soetoro. That is according to the Reverend Al Sharpton. I bet that you didn’t know that. Or maybe you did. According to Sharpton president Soetoro told the American people during his campaigning that he would change a Constitution-based federal republic into a Socialist Nation State.(see 1:11min video)

See there, the American people wanted to completely trash the Constitution of the United States of America and replace it with Deem and Pass, and all of the other wonderful progressive things that the Democrats are making up as they go.

Which is really interesting because before the election Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose commiserating together confessed that the American people really didn't know much about Barry Hussein Soetoro (see 4:09min video)

Sharpton suggested that the recent health care bill is just the beginning of the campaign promised socialism that president Barry Hussein Soetoro campaigned upon.

Sharpton seemed to be surprised that Americans didn’t realize that a vote for Soetoro was a vote for Socialism. Gee I guess the American people are just stupid like that.

Sharpton wondered why anyone would be complaining that Democrat’s health care passed and that America is moving toward socialism.

I’m sure glad Rev. Sharpton cleared that up for us comrades!