Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The U.S. Capitol

Patrick O'Connor’s piece on the Politico, “New Congress at War on Everything,” is cutely partisan and typifies the Liberal perspective. Liberals never ever take responsibility for the messes that they create. It‘s always, “Bush’s fault,” with a Liberal. Nonetheless this is a Congress deeply engaged in a partisan war and the political bloodletting is about to begin. Let it be known America that you voted for this fight when you voted for Democrats.

Remember Democrats promised their constituents that if they were voted into the majority in Congress that they would fight President Bush, they would end the war in Iraq and they would change the direction of America. You can’t expect to do any of that without a fight and Democrats called this fight. If you are a Democrat I guess one out of three ain’t bad, because the only thing that this Congress has accomplished is fighting with the President!

And that‘s exactly what they set out to do. The new Democrat majority declared war on the White house and attempted to get Republicans, (mostly RINOS) to side with them as they attempted to storm the White house walls regarding the war in Iraq and lay siege to the White house’s keep.

John Ashcroft gone, Donald Rumsfield gone, Scooter Libby gone, Albert Gonzales gone, and Karl Rove gone, if Democrats hated al Qaeda as much as they hate Republicans al Qaeda would be gone too!

Interestingly enough, in the midst of the battle with the White house Democrats noticed that their polling numbers were being affected. They noticed a marked disapproval of the Congress as a whole and specifically their Congressional leaders. Why? Because Congress began a war of personal destruction waged on Americans rather than fighting on the behalf of Americans and America.

Yet to Patrick O’Conner both Democrats and Republicans are equally at fault. So how is it Republican’s fault too Patrick? You seem to be attempting to place equal blame. Oh I know, perhaps the Republicans aren’t abandoning their principles fast enough and perhaps they aren’t acquiescing to the Democrat agenda in the way Democrats wish. Is that it Patrick?

And Republicans are supposed to be multi-faceted enough to work bipartisanly with Democrats while Democrats run attack ads in Republican districts. Ads meant to unseat the very Republicans that are discussing bipartisan deals with Democrats. I see what you mean Patrick if those pesky Republicans weren’t around Democrats wouldn’t have to resort to backstabbing to get rid of them, now would they?

Even the most challenged (dumbest RINO) Republican has figured out that throwing in their lots with Democrats makes for a short political life.
GOP lawmakers, all of whom had expressed interest in a bipartisan deal on the SCHIP legislation, were furious that the Democratic leader from Maryland had not reached out to them in a more serious way early on.

They also criticized him and Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois for failing to stop his allies outside Congress from running attack ads in their districts, while they were discussing a bipartisan deal.

Democrats are under tremendous pressure from liberal activists to take a hard-line approach against everything Bush.
–Patrick O’Conner
Democrat actions such as these have created a bitterly divided Congress, Patrick. Only in the Liberal mind can you advance on your political enemies, make political kills, attack their ideas, attack their leaders, attack their beliefs and their principles and then expect them to join you as you plot their own demise.

Democrats have attempted to advance such a radical agenda on the subjects of Iraq, health care and spending that according to Mr. O’Conner, the Rank-and-file Democrats have turned on their leaders this fall in a series of minor upheavals, forcing them to suspend consideration of bills to update warrantless wiretapping laws, reclassify the killing of ethnic Armenians almost a century ago, expand workplace protections for gays and lesbians and require all electronic voting machines to produce paper records.

In other words, Democrat leaders planned to gut Homeland Security surveillance laws, insult the Government of Turkey with a meaningless congressional resolution (a la Nancy Pelosi), advance the homosexual agenda and further exacerbate the Debolt voting machine fiasco (which Democrats created in the first place) had their colleagues, the Democratic Congressional party members not stopped them and rebelled against the clueless Democrat leadership.
Democrats are reviewing poll after poll showing sagging popularity not only of Congress but also of their congressional leaders. So, some lawmakers have begun to argue, it just might be in everyone’s interest to show that Washington can actually tackle a serious issue without all of the theatrics and games.

The energy bill might be the turning point. With both sides desperate for a legislative achievement, Bush and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have displayed rare, if quiet, cooperation on the issue.
At this point anything that this Congress does should be held up as suspect, a rouse, and a ploy. Any bipartisan show behind an energy bill or any bill will not fool the American people. We have seen enough to know just what Democrats in power will do. And it ain’t nothing good!

For those of us that do not hold to Democrat or Liberal ideology we have been put on notice that Democrats intend to force their ideology on America.

Interestingly enough, the last two elections that I checked I noticed that half of the citizens in this country voted for President Bush!

Nevertheless, it has become all too apparent that Liberal Democrats will fight to accomplish their goal of Europeanizing America. Hell Europe doesn’t even what to be Europe anymore!

The only things that are not clear at this point, are there Republicans with sufficient values and backbone that are willing to fight for America and are they smart enough not be be deceived by Democrats and bright enough to win back the hearts and minds of America!

This is indeed an “us against them” Congress and the fighting is about what America is becoming or whether or not there should even be an America. I have seen enough to conclude that Democrats don’t think so.

Choose your side carefully because your children undoubtedly will live in conditions determined by the outcome of the struggle to control Congress, the White house and ultimately America. Will they live in treachery or tyranny or freedom.

In the end this “us against them” mentality will further divide an already divided America the question is, will we live in tyranny or freedom.

The challenge, your challenge is to decide which side is offering which!