Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama's gift to Israel

Barack Hussein Obama with a lot to say
"I've been getting briefed every day. I've had consistent conversations with members of the current administration about what's taking place I will continue to insist that when it comes to foreign affairs, it is particularly important to adhere to the principle of one president at a time, because there are delicate negotiations taking place right now, and we can't have two voices coming out of the United States when you have so much at stake."—President-elect Barack Hussein Obama
Everyone is concerned about President-elect Obama’s silence on the violence going on it the Gaza strip. Yet Obama says that we can’t have two voices coming out of the United States that we only have one President at a time. But that hardly could be the reason for Obama’s silence because one couldn’t get him to shut up when Russia attacked Georgia. (see video)

Obama on Russia

Yet on Hamas missile attacks on Israel and Israel’s defense of itself Obama is surprising mute.(see video)

Obama’s silence on the Middle East

According to Ayman al-Zawahiri, the number 2 leader of al Qaeda, who earlier called president-elect Obama a “House nigga” if Obama sided with Israel according to current U.S. policies then this whole fight, according to al-Zawahiri, is President-elect Obama’s fault.

It seems that al-Zawahiri is now disappointed that Mr. Obama has not come to the aide of the mujahedeen brothers and children in the Gaza Strip who have attacked Israel . Al-Zawahiri has characterizing Obama’s non-action and non-committal to the Middle East Muslim brotherhood as, “Obama gift to Israel” Apparently al-Zawahiri feels that if Obama would support Islam in the destruction of Israel then there would be peace. (see story)

For months since leaders of Hamas in Gaza declared that a cease-fire with Israel was over, Hamas has been indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel . Not one voice in the United Nations, not one person on the world stage called for Hamas to end its flagrant missile attacks against Israel . (see previous post)

Yet on Sunday having about enough of the unjustifiable attacks Israel struck back as any sovereign government and country would hoping to end the missile attacks against them once and for all.

Now all that is heard is a world-wide radical crazed anti-Israeli outcry calling for Israel to stop defending itself against the terrorist attacks of Hamas and its Islamic supporters.

And al-Zawahiri has directly attacked president-elect Barack Obama in an effort to get Obama to show whether he will support the elimination of Israel or whether he will defend Israel from the unjustified terrorist attacks that are being waged against it.

If the world is really concerned about peace and the deaths of Muslims then all attention must be turned on Hamas and any Islamic attack against Israel .

If anyone wishes peace in the Middle East I have the answer right here, listen up.

Call off any and all Islamic attacks against the sovereign state of Israel and I will personally guarantee that Israel will not attack any Islamic place or people. That is also the message that Mr. Obama should carry on January 20 and thereafter.

There it is United Nations! I did the job that the United Nations or Barack Obama wouldn’t or couldn’t do. I’ve solved the Middle East problem.

The only possible way that this wouldn’t work is if Muslims, adherents to Islam and their supports are the problem in the Middle East .

If Muslims can’t or won’t stop their attacks against Israel then Muslims are the problem in the Middle East not Israel !

The world must acknowledge this. Muslims are the problem, Hamas is the problem, and al Qaeda is the problem. No one else!

Once this is acknowledge we can “end the pretend” that we want peace in the Middle East by calling for Israel to cease fire when we all know the truth, this violence is perpetrated and continued by Muslims.

Instead call for Hamas and its Islamic supporters to cease fire against Israel and there will be peace.

Or you can always wait for President elect Obama to end his silence on the matter. I’m sure whatever he has to say after January 20th won’t be bifurcated nuanced political double talk!