Monday, May 23, 2011

Democrats Happy Gas Prices are High

I’m kinda happy that gas prices are going up in one sense. It’ll force us into thinking about changing the culture, to create more emphasis on mass transportation from the local on up to the federal level —Obama supporter Kaukauna, Wisconsin
The president should campaign on high gas prices. Liberals and Democrats are happy that gas is $4 a gallon because they want “investments” in alternative energy solutions, or so they have been saying. Even president Barry Hussein Soetoro has said it. So why doesn’t the president just go all in on high energy prices and claim them as a good thing for America? (see 2:12min video)

Well we all know that the president didn’t end the Iraq war in fact he escalated the Afghanistan war and started a new conflict in Libya and perhaps that why he hasn’t started his plans for low cost alternative energy.

Either that or the fact that Liberals have been a little inconsistent on high gases prices if you remember under Bush high gas prices were ruinous to the country but under president Barry Hussein Soetoro high gas prices are a blessing.

Don Smith walks us though the hypocrisy over gas prices that Democrats have displayed through the Bush years up until now. (see 4:20min video)

The point here is Liberals can’t seem to make up their minds whether high gas prices are good or are bad. I think it has something to do with what ideology is in control of this country. If Liberals are in control Liberals tend to think high gas prices are a good thing. If Conservatives are in control Liberals tend to think high gas prices are a bad thing.

I’m being to think that Liberals really aren’t making a lot of sense on the subject of energy. After all most of the Liberal’s emphasis for green energy and alternative fuels is based in the debunked theory of anthropogenic global warming, the belief that man-made carbons are polluting the atmosphere thereby trapping heat in the atmosphere and causing unprecedented rises in earth’s temperature.

Ergo a false premise can only lead to false solutions. Which leads to false claims,which leads to false policy and which leads to general confused Liberals as they discuss high gas prices. (see 2:10min video)

And then there is the out right biased reporting of the media. High gas prices bad under president Bush. High gas prices not mentioned under president Barry Hussein Soetoro. (see 3:47min video

Make one wonder do Liberal secretly what this country to fail?