Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Iraq is the U.N.'s War

Iraq is the U.N.'s War

Just doing a little dot connecting here and interesting enough when one connect them one finds that the fault for the Iraq war lies squarely with the U.N.

Yes I know that saying that is anathema to Bush falters but never-the-less it is true. That's correct, had Mr. Secretary General Kofi Annan done his job with Iraq, America would not be at war in Iraq! For instance dot number one,

Senator Rick Santorum announces that Congress had been sitting on a Document that proved that 500 WMDs were found in Iraq since the war started in 2003. An unnamed Pentagon official confirms this. However he quickly points out that the weapons were pre-1991 and in a degraded state.

While it is true that mustard gas loses potency, sarin gas does not according to the Congressional document that Senator Santorum exposed. According to that document the chemicals remain hazardous and potentially lethal also the document suggests that it's possible to modify these munitions for various uses and that could be useful for a vengeful terrorist. So this find is important, these weapons are real and these weapons are still dangerous.

But let's not miss the point while digging around in minutia. U.N. weapons inspectors were in and out of Iraq for 5 years since 1998 checking for WMD in that period of time they issued numerous reports that no weapons could be found therefore they concluded that weapons must have been destroyed. WRONG!

Saddam was playing a cat and mouse game with the U.N. inspectors barring them 9 times from looking for WMD but the weapons were there! The inspectors just couldn't find them, we're finding them now. Thus proving that U.N. inspections didn't work and for all of the, Bush didn't let the inspectors do their job, critics; again the incompetent U.N. inspectors rooted around in Iraq for 5 years and didn't do their job.

Hans Blix was no better than Richard Butler as Chief U.N. Weapons inspector neither man could find what was obviously there. By the way the Congressional document that Senator Santorum disclosed states that more weapons are likely to be found.

Dot number two is general U.N. corruption and incompetence. Kofi Annan is recently in the news demanding that nations keep arms secure from thieves and smugglers.

Mr. Annan you presided over the most corrupt and inept organizations that the world has ever known, your weapon inspectors failed, your 17 sanctions against Iraq failed, and your oil-for-food scandal enabled Saddam to bilk billions of dollars which was earmarked for use by the people of Iraq. Your nepotism allowed your son, Cojo to broker very lucrative sweetheart deals worth millions of dollars while you looked the other way

U.N. corruption and incompetence enabled Saddam to continue hording and hiding weapons. Kofi Annan's mismanagement of the U.N. has resulted in the promotion of terrorism and war instead of decreasing the violence that these acts produce.

And last Saddam managed to buy France and Germany's support on the Security Council and if you remember these countries blocked U.N. action against Saddam forcing America to take matters into its own hands.

If not for the corruption and the mismanagement of the U.N. America would not be in Iraq fighting this war on terrorism. Iraq is the U.N.'s war and I blame Kofi Annan because that's were the dots connect but a little thing like proof never stopped a Bush hater.

But at least we know now that hating Bush is purely based on prejudice, bias and hypocrisy the trifeca of what Liberals are made of!