Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bachmann Outshines Ryan and Obama

I started out thinking that I would write how Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin stole the night away from a man who is supposed to out communicate the Great Communicator.

It is said that president Barry Hussein Soetoro studied Ronald Wilson Reagan before giving this State of the Union address. A lot of good that did him, President Soetoro address was like Taco Bell meat we don’t know how much of the president’s speech is real and how much of the speech is just filler.

Then I listened to Rep. Michele Bachmann make the case for Conservatives as represented by the Tea parties. Bachmann spoke as clearly and succinctly as anyone in politics today. Last night was clearly a night for Conservatives and Republicans because both Bachmann's and Ryan's response was better, more honest than the president’s bifurcated and Orwellian misuse of the language. The fact that both Republicans were truthful and forthright was in stark contrast against the president's abuse of the American people’s intelligence.

Democrats speak like bad telemarketers who attempt to sell produces by much fast talk. It is as if the marketer believes that the rapidity of the read script is in direct relation to bypassing my reason and my ability to say no.

The American people have endured two years of president Soetoro fast talk and over eight years of Congressional Democrat fast talk. The American people just aren’t buying what Democrats are selling.

In under ten minutes Michele Bachmann slowed the talk down and explained to the American people why it is totally unfair to blame Bush for the economic mess we are in. If people believe Bush was bad, Democrats and Obama are worst much worst. (see 6:42min video)

If we are going to turn America around we must continue voting out Democrats for the 2012 elections. Moreover, we must not replace Democrats with RINOs. What is need are Tea Party Conservatives who will fight for Conservative ideas instead of acquiescing to the qualms of silly little Democrat plots like, “Let’s sit together.”

Last night Michele Bachmann did Conservatives and Republicans proud in her response to the SOTU address. It is long overdue that someone on the Republican side of the aisle responds in a powerful and cogent way to the lies of president Soetoro and Democrats.

Rep. Joe Wilson, made famous by his “shout out” to the president needed some company. Although Bachmann did not shout-out in the chambers of the United States house the effect of her presentation resulted in the same conclusion, Mr. president You Lie!