Friday, April 29, 2011

Is the Weather being used to destroy America’s economy?

Some of the killer tornadoes that ripped across the South may have been among the largest and most powerful ever recorded, experts suggested, leaving a death toll that is approaching that of a tragic "super outbreak" of storms almost 40 years ago.

"There's a pretty good chance some of these were a mile wide, on the ground for tens of miles and had wind speeds over 200 mph," said Harold Brooks of the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Okla.
What if there never was Global warming, what if it has always been Global Weather Warfare? Recent super tornados dubbed “Killer Tornadoes” have cut a swath across seven southern states of the United States. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia,East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia all have been hit by abnormally sized and super strengthened tornadoes costing nearly 300 lives and estimates of billions of dollars of property damage. (see here, here and here)

But what if these recent tornadoes and hurricane Katrina in 2005 were not simply capricious acts of nature, what if these devastating destructive acts were the surgical strikes of al Qaeda or another enemy of the United States of America. An enemy with money and technology to control the weather and what’s more, use those resources against it’s enemy the United States of America.

And what if Global warming is actually being manipulated and caused by those who know how to change the climate? Far fetched?

After hearing about the magnitude and destruction of these recent super tornadoes, I was reminded of a show that I watched on the history channel. The show claimed that scientist and the military were successfully conducting experiments on and with the weather. This program hypothesized that hurricane Katrina could have been an enemy strike against the United States from an enemy like Russia or China.

Incredible? Yes but according to the History Channel not impossible. See for yourself in the following four-part Video entitled, Weather Warfare.

After you’ve watched it you may never view climate change or an earthquake like the recent one that struck Japan the same ever again.

Directly following the four part series Ben Livingston in a 14min video makes the fascinating claim that it was his job as a meteorology Engineer in the military to manipulate weather for warfare purposes. He claims that he did it for the Vietnam War and that President Johnson was aware of this technology and approved of it. But first Weather Warfare (see 10:16min video)

Part 1

It may have been a single long-ranging twister that battered Tuscaloosa, Ala., and then covered the 60 miles to Birmingham, Brooks said.
Only 1 percent of twisters reach the most powerful readings, but Brooks thinks several of those that left death and destruction in Alabama and five other states Wednesday fall into that category.

That speculation hasn't been confirmed yet, but if it is, it's no wonder so many homes were flattened and scores were killed. (source)

Part 2 (see 10:20min video)

HAARP emits ELF waves into the atmosphere and is being used for weather modification.

Part 3 (see 10:22min video)

HAARP ELF waves causes earthquakes, chemtrails, rain and floods

Part 4 (see 9:48 min video)

Operation POPEYE used in the Vietnam War, Hurricane Katrina was weapon used against U.S.

(see 14:56min video)

Ben Livingston claims it was his job as a meteorology Engineer to use weather as a weapon