Monday, June 21, 2010

Under Democrats a Nation of Lawlessness

The politics are not complicated. Democratic leaders do not want to send members home to face their constituents after voting for a budget that would take the deficit to record levels. But the spending trajectory established by Barack Obama—and rapidly growing entitlements—leaves them little choice.-- Stephen F. Hayes
They refuse to enforce the Constitutional mandate to secure the border. They refuse to listen to the American people’s wishes on health care. They refuse to listen to the American people wishes to stop deficit spending. Any law that Democrats disagree with they simply disregard as unworthy to obey.

Such was the case with Democrat San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom who unlawfully disregarded California’s marriage laws and instituted his own law in San Francisco. [Newsom] instructed city employees to break the law by instituting homosexual mock weddings which resulted in a political and legal quagmire for the citizens of California.(see previous post)

San Francisco Gavin Newsom […] started defying the State law and began issuing illegal wedding licenses and performing illegal weddings in February 2004 as a prequel to the planned challenge of prop 22, Mayor Newsom’s open defiance of the law. [This act] was so blatant that even the liberal tilted California State Supreme Court had to keep up a veneer of legality by ruling against what Mayor Newsom had done and in addition they ruled that all the illegal marriages that Newsom and the city of San Francisco preformed where invalid.—Alaphiah

Likewise, Democrats have chosen to disregard a 1974 Act that requires Congress to pass a budget resolution by May 15 of each year because this is a political voting year and Democrats do not want you to know how bad they are deficit spending. (see article)

The 1974 Budget and Impoundment Act requires Congress to pass a budget resolution by May 15 of each year. Congress hasn’t done so yet in 2010.-- Stephen F. Hayes

Democrats are ushering an air of lawlessness in the United States by their blatant and lawless attempts to gain and hold power at the expense of the Constitution and rule of law.

Not passing a budget resolution as required by law in order to improve their political chances in November is not only criminal it is unconscionable. Yet we have this unscrupulous group of Democrat politicians in control of our government today.

Under Democrats America has become a lawless Nation.