Friday, June 06, 2008

Democrats are Abysmal Losers

Sen. Obama and an apparently unhappy sore loser Sen. Clinton

But no. Once again, it's all about Hillary Clinton, who delivered the most abrasive, self-absorbed, selfish, delusional, emasculating and extortionate political speech I've heard in a long time. And I've left out some adjectives, just to be polite.—Michael Tomasky
It’s not like they aren’t use to it but every time they lose they make the whole country pay.

Al Gore in 2000

John Kerry in 2004

Hillary Clinton in 2008

Someone is always stealing an election from them, swiftboating them, lying on them or vast right-wing conspiring against them. No Democrat has ever lost by their own volition so the rest of us have to suffer the un-statesman like behavior of their post defeat tantrums.

Whatever happened to graciousness or statesmanship? What ever happened to conceding for the good of the Party or Country or both? And what’s with this waiting until Saturday to acknowledge that you have been defeated in the primary race?

A defeated Democrat is like an uninvited guest who has bad table manners. Someone who eats up all of your food, belches, rises from your table and leaves your home without acknowledging the hospitality of the host.

Hillary Clinton is one in a long line of Democrats with bad political manners instead of conceding in defeat graciously she is going to hold a press conference Saturday, 4 days after Sen. Obama clinched enough delegates to claim the Democrat nomination for president, as if to say I’m still the most important, most electable Democrat in this Campaign…Bellllllch!!!

Spoiled sport, sore loser, or prima donna we have seen this kind of behavior from the Clinton camp before.

In 2000 President Clinton’s Vice-President Al Gore lost to then former Governor George Bush. Gore conceded the lost the night of the election only to withdraw his concession consequently Gore dragged this country through the most divisive political partisan battle in recent times.

In 2004 John Kerry didn’t drag the country through the after election trauma that Gore did, instead Kerry accused rival Republicans of swiftboating him, that's lying about his military experience, this he did as he waged the most denigrating and scorched earth attacks against the war in Iraq and a sitting president in recent memory.

Now Hillary Clinton is absolutely disrespecting the presumptive Democrat nominee Barack Obama, in a blatant show of contempt which she rather wage against the Republicans as the Democrat nominee herself no doubt, but nonetheless Sen. Clinton has shown that Democrat uncouthness will be unsheathed for any political opponent no matter what the Party.

Clinton’s belching all over Sen. Obama's moment is not being lost on Democrats and Liberals Michael Tomasky reports that Sen. Clinton is a naracissis with no shame and no consideration for anyone but herself.

CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN writes that after a historic win, the Obama campaign is reduced to tip-toeing on eggshells as the prima donna of losing, rudely barely makes mention of the fact that Sen. Obama has won enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party.

Sore losers, poor sports and prima donnas! Whether their excuses are hanging chads, swiftboats, media bias, sexism, or the vast left-wing conspiracy, Democrats rather destroy this country than lose an election. But if they lose you can bet the whole country will suffer for it.

I’m afraid to think of what will happen if Democrats are handed defeat at the hands of John McCain. As unlikely as that is if it should happen, look for Hillary Clinton to belch out an I told you so, I told you Barack Obama couldn’t win. Bellllch!

Yeah, like her 50 percent negative rating, higher than any other candidate, the albatross around her neck, would have allowed her to fare any better. Yeah right! Belllllch!