Monday, September 17, 2007

The Key Words...............

Hillary is at it again. Her "welfare-healthfare"
program of thirteen years ago has been resurrected!
I guess she thinks that people have forgotten the
fiasco and would approve of it now.

Be careful my friends............. before you swallow
the worm and get hooked. Look at those "key words"
in her speech. Her "new approach" would require
every American to have health insurance, "with
federal assistance to help defray the cost".

Good God............ how stupid does she think the
American voter is? We all know that means
humongous tax increases on the top 45% of the
wage earners, in order to pay for all those families
that can’t afford the "ordered coverage". Add to
that, the new federal bureaurocracy needed to police
the entire program.... and the additional cost of
preventing and covering the graft and corruption
that will be built into it by it's originators.

Remember on election day folks............ a vote for
Hillary, is a vote for the poorhouse. Both she and
Obama have been courting the minority votes by
promising pie in the sky.............deserving or not...
..... just so they can both achieve their own selfish
aims. Obama to be the first black president of the
United States. And Hillary to be the first female
president........ not that her influence during her
husband’s administration didn’t almost destroy
the country.

I honestly don’t care, at this point in time, who the
Republicans nominate for President. He/she has
my vote. Not a difficult decision after listening
to the recent "opening salvos" in the Democratic
run for the nomination.


The Haters who are the Democrats

George Soros

"I fancied myself as some kind of god …, "If the truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.

"It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out."
–George Soros, financial backer of and the Democrat Party
Does speak for you? Apparently they speak for the hearts and minds of Haters who are the Democrat Party. Only Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Presidential hopeful John Edwards and ex-Democrat and now Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman has the honestly and class from the left to repudiate the vile and loathsome biased attack that Democrats planned and Moveon carried out against General David Petraeus before anyone had even heard word one of his testimony on Iraq.

By Gosh, whatever happened to the fact that it is wrong to prejudge anyone or anything before hearing or seeing the evidence? Liberals use to be big on that; I guess prejudging is okay now huh?

Apparently when it comes to Democrat’s politics; bias, hate, prejudice and outright lies are acceptable if they will help Democrats win Congress or the Whitehouse thus Democrats are the New England Patriots of politics! With the Raiders’ Al Davis it use to be just win baby, but now with the Democrats and the Patriots it’s cheat, lie and videotape.

It’s not often that the Democrat Oligarchy tips its hand so that the rest of its mindless drones can see the workings of its political machinations but the ad which was aided and abetted by the New York Times (major discount for running the ad) is part and parcel of what has become a Democrat political staple which is to Negatively Define their Opponents or an issue that is not of their liking. This method is a part of the Democrat playbook of the politics of personal destruction.

It has worked on President Bush (low approval polling), Vice President Cheney, AG John Ashcroft, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, I. Scooter Libby, AG Alberto Gonzales or any person that Democrats disagree with and recently Democrats and tried to unsuccessfully to negatively define General David Petraeus and his report on Iraq before they even knew exactly what the General was reporting. It was a grand effort of Bushwhacking!

I call attempting to destroy the President’s credibility “Bushwhacking.” Whatever President Bush does or whomever Democrats perceives that he supports that person will be negatively maligned and attacked. Democrats and their attack arm attempted to “Bushwhack” General Petraeus with their “General Betray Us” in the same manner which they attack anyone that they view as a threat.

Since election year 2000 Democrats have steadily reversed the saying speaking truth to power and turned politics upside down by speaking lies to the people, lies concerning President George W. Bush. Lies like Bush is dumb, however, in spite of that Democratic belief, Bush stole the presidency both in 2000 and in 2004 from all those smart liberals and Democrats, Bush deceived all those smart Democrats in Congress about the Iraq intelligence, Bush Lied to people who were smarter than he about WMD, etc, etc, etc. Pretty good for a dumb guy huh?

George W. Bush has been the target of a successful campaign of Democrat Bushwhacking so why not Bushwhack General Petraeus too? Why not? Because it’s wrong that’s why not. It was wrong when it was done to President Bush and it is wrong now when it was attempted against General Petraeus and is wrong for doing it! Wrong, wrong, wrong and Democrats have gone to far and must be made to pay for their attacks against the General and the President!

This Organization,, is funded in part by George Soros the billionaire with the God-complex. Yes Soros has actually said that he is the New Age Messiah and now he funds the vilest political hit group this side of al Qaeda.
Soros and A Partner Contributed $5 Million to’s $15 Million Anti-Bush Ad Campaign. “MoveOn is now poised to be one of the Democrats’ most effective fundraising vehicles during this year’s presidential campaign. It has already raised millions to support candidates and fund ads such as the one criticizing Bush’s $87 billion commitment to rebuilding Iraq. In November, billionaire philanthropist George Soros and his business partner, Peter Lewis, pledged a $5 million matching grant – a dollar for every two raised by MoveOn members – to create a $15 million advertising campaign to defeat President Bush.” (Beth Fouhy, “ Becomes Anti-Bush Online Powerhouse,” The Associated Press, 1/10/04)
You don’t even have to listen closely to recognize that all of the Democrat attacks against President Bush and his administration are just parroting George Soros’ views.

It’s a match made in hell; Soros, Moveon and Democrats so by extension if the Democrats win control of the Government Soros will be the shadow dictator through whom Hillary or Barak will receive their marching orders.
Soros Initially Pledged $15.5 Million In Soft Money To Liberal Activist Groups, Including $10 Million To America Coming Together, $3 Million To The Center For American Progress And $2.5 Million To “Soros, who has financed efforts to promote open societies in more than 50 countries around the world, is bringing the fight home, he said. On Monday, he and a partner committed up to $5 million to, a liberal activist group, bringing to $15.5 million the total of his personal contributions to oust Bush. … Standing on the back deck, the evening sun angling into their eyes, Soros took aside Steve Rosenthal, CEO of the liberal activist group America Coming Together (ACT), and Ellen Malcolm, its president. They were proposing to mobilize voters in 17 battleground states. Soros told them he would give ACT $10 million. … Soros also promised up to $3 million to Podesta’s new think tank, the Center for American Progress.” (Laura Blumenfeld, “Soros’s Deep Pockets Vs. Bush,” The Washington Post, 11/11/03)
It’s happening already, all of the Democrat front runners feel that they are beholden to Moveon; they’ve attended their gatherings, paid homage to them by participating in their functions and now they openly court their approval.
"This bold stand by three of the four presidential candidates in the Senate won't soon be forgotten," according to Eli Pariser, executive director of's political action committee, which has forced Democratic candidates to veer far left to gain support of the party's small, but well-funded left-wing fringe.
This attempt to demonize General Petraeus is the most blatant example of the politics of personal destruction to date. It is the same method that Democrats employed to win the Congress in 2006. Vile negative Democrat screed once exclusively held for President Bush has now spilled over into general attacks against anyone who stands in the way of Democrat hatemongers.

However the saddest thing is the politics of hate has taken its toll on our society creating a political and a social climate of hate. Democrats and Liberals who hate! So much so that Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams wants to “kill George Bush”. Man now that’s HATE! So much so that a leftist Nobel PEACE Prize winner advocated killing the President of the United States, this is the result and danger of George Soros’ waging hate and the Democrat’s hateful politics of personal destruction.

Isn’t it obvious that every time that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama speaks negatively of an opponent they are employing the George Soros’, Democrat strategy of hatefully and negatively defining political opponents.

If any one of the Democrat Presidential candidates are elected as President of the United States voters are in essence handing over their government to hate and the man who financed it all, the Democrat Messiah, King and God, George Soros.