Thursday, January 03, 2008

The 2008 Liberalism vs. Conservativism Elections

Will American Liberalism stump out the last vestiges of Conservativism in the world? That’s the only question that hangs in the balance in 2008.

World Liberals that have been rebuffed of late by the France’s election of an American loving Conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy and Germany’s election of America supporting Chancellor Angela Merkel . Both new leaders support the Bush administration once and for all dispelling the myth that there is world-wide anti-Americanism and hatred of President Bush.

On the other hand Australians have given in to Liberalism by electing Liberal Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Now world Liberals are waiting with baited breath to see if America the last bastion of Nationalism and Conservativism will bow to the pressure of conformity to the United Nations and world peer pressure to become like them accepting the theory of global warming and one world government.
Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd's emphatic victory swings Australia toward the political left after almost 12 years of conservative rule, and marks a generational shift that will result in a greater focus on issues such as global warming. --The Associated Press
2008 Iowa is the just the latest battlefield where the ideological opposes of self indulgence and the self gratification of homosexuality, masturbation, Universal Health care and Global warming that American Liberalism represents attempt to put down the evil forces of Christianity, Family values and the rule of law represent by Conservativism.

Nowhere is this more apparent as in Moisés Naím’s article, “The world wants America back.” Or more fittingly I would entitle his article the world wants to use American resources for the promotion of a world-wide Liberal agenda. Naím says:
Of course, the America that the world wants back is not the one that preemptively invades potential enemies, bullies allies or disdains international law. The demand is for an America that rallies other nations prone to sitting on the fence while international crises are boiling out of control; for a superpower that comes up with innovative initiatives to tackle the great challenges of the day, such as climate change, nuclear proliferation and violent Islamist fundamentalism. The demand is for an America that enforces the rules that facilitate international commerce and works effectively to stabilize an accident-prone global economy. Naturally, the world also wants a superpower willing to foot the bill with a largess that no other nations can match.—Moisés Naím
Can you believe Mr. Naím’s analysis in the article posted in the Washington Post? Naím’s thesis statement is that; well let me quote him, "The world wants America back."

Yet what he wrote was a blatant anti-Bush screed full of all of the ignorance of someone who knows nothing about world affairs or what the world wants.

Naím attempts in his article to precariously balance the facts that there is not a consensus of world animosity against America against his preconceived biases against Conservatives and President Bush. And it doesn’t work for the discerning reader nor does it support the narrative that America is hated because of Conservativism.

Even the most neophyte world observer knows that France and Germany have recently openly embraced the Bush administration for the entire world to see. After these nations rejected their corrupted anti-America leaders President Jacques Chirac and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and voted these tarnished enemies of America and American hating men out of office France and Germany replaced them by voting in pro-America, pro-Bush allies, France President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel. These are friends to America and the Bush administration.

There is no world-wide anti-Americanism there is only the enemies of an unrestrained Corporatism that is international and owes it’s allegiance to no country.

True Corporatism has been most closely identified with America because this is where freedom of commerce was perfected. However like the ungrateful child that it is Corporatism has rebelled against American law and American accountability.

Corporations no longer obey American institutions of governess or the American government. Corporate power is an unrestrained bastard child that consumes everything before it and then vomits it’s consumption out as waste for others to clean up as it savages world markets in tyrannous gluttony. This is one insular isolated point that I concur with Presidential hopeful John Edwards.

What misplaced anti-American sentiment there is, is only by those who are inappropiately the enemies of American Conservativism and those who have rightly place hatred against unrestrained corporate power.

Those two place are where the hatreds of the left are focused. These liberals believe that socialism, communism and tyrannous agencies,disconnected from the people, like the world court at The Hague or the United Nations, are the rightful international bodies of government for the new world citizenry of Earth’s citizens.

Iowa, New Hampshire and the 2008 Presidential elections will be what the 2000 and 2004 elections where not, the death toll of Conservativism in the view of world liberals.

And if Europe is our example this is how it will happen. First there will be Liberalism, then godlessness and then Islam! Whereas, presently we see that Islam is overtaking and filling the godless void in Europe today.

It is difficult for some to see how 2008 Iowa is at all connected to the end of Western civilization and the beginning of the rise of Eastern repression but make no mistake about it; it all begins in Iowa today!

If this 2008 election is Liberalism vs. Conservativism and Liberalism wins then all of mankind will lose, you have only look to Europe if you don’t believe me!