Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Don’t Answer Their Questions: Democrat’s 2012 permanent campaign strategy

Boy! President Barry Hussein Soetoro and Democrats really think you are stupid. That’s right Democrats have acted as if the American people are stupid.

Former DNC chairman Howard Dean revealed how Democrats have been trained in a method called, “The Pivot.” It is method which Democrats refuse to answer a legitimate question and turn the conversation back to negative assertion against Republicans. Everyone in the Democrat party uses this ploy, the president, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid, David Axelrod, Bill Clinton and White House senior adviser David Plouffe all refuse to answer questions directly. Here’s Howard Dean explaining how it works. (see 1:43min video)

Now compare what Dean says about “the Pivot” to how David Plouffe conducts himself with Fox News’ Chris Wallace two Sundays ago, Father’s day, regarding the White house security leaks and White house cover-up or Executive privilege concerning the administrations’ gun running program called fast and furious. Incidentally the Washington Post has given this Plouffe performance 4 Pinocchio’s (see 17:22min video)

The whole Democrat political Party is based on deception and lies. From the high cheek bones Cherokee claims of Elizabeth Warren to the claims that Barry Hussein Soetoro made that he was born in Kenya. That’s right Soetoro himself claimed he was born in Kenya. The false allegations of the Soetoro administration are becoming so outrageous that the administration has been called out for their false claims ( see story)

Now Democrats in total are training their lying efforts on Mitt Romney regarding his business experience. Vice president Joe Biden has lied about Gov. Romney’s work that he outsourced jobs (among others) and the Washington post gave Biden 2 Pinocchio’s for his efforts.

Here’s hoping that Americans are not as stupid as Democrats believe.