Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Natural Heir to the Presidency, is that even Constitutional?

The Regal Mrs. Clinton

Albert Hunt of Bloomberg.com reports that even the best laid plans can go awfully wrong. Senator Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the undisputed Democrat frontrunner at this point in the campaign for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States but a few things have gone wrong on Senator Clinton’s way to the coronation ceremony in 2009.

The Clinton organization had a clear plan A: It envisioned the candidate[Hillary Clinton], as the choice of the party establishment and natural heir to the presidency, to so dominate 2007 that she would be able to corner, not have to capture, the nomination. It worked perfectly for most of the year.--Albert R. Hunt

Apparently there are concerns about Senator Clinton, 60, D-New York. The concerns are that she is devious, calculating and a divisive figure in American politics.

These concerns are coming from Democrats and are the results of polls and focus groups that are favorable to Sen. Clinton and that are moderated by Democratic pollster Peter Hart. Despite the fact that, Democrats are become more willing to raise questions concerning Senator Clinton’s character yet most of them felt inextricably tied to the Clinton plan to coronate Hillary to complete the Clinton dynasty and vote for a candidate just because that candidate is a woman.

There has been a phenomenal amount of effort by the Clinton campaign to present Hillary Clinton as the inevitable legatee of the Democratic nomination to be President. As well as that Senator Clinton, her husband the former President, Bill Clinton and her campaign have all played the sexism card though out this campaign hoping to gain some sort of advantage playing on fact that Senator Clinton is a woman.

There are a significant amount of women who say that they will vote for Senator Clinton for no other reason than the fact they want to see a woman president.

Clinton was clearly a hit among Drnach's mainly young, single, professional and white guests. "It's mostly the gender," admitted one of them, Jill Cartwright, a law student. "Just as a woman, I feel that a woman can represent my interests better - no matter how liberal or progressive a man is."Guardian Unlimited
Which is exactly the kind of reverse sexism and gender identification that the Clinton campaign is depending upon to ensure the inevitability of their candidate.

“Natural heir”, “mostly the gender,” who needs military experience or the experience of governing a city or a state? Or the experience of running a business, meeting a payroll or any of the qualifications that one would normally associate with selecting someone to be the most powerful executive politician in the free world.

No other experience is needed other than the fact that Hillary Clinton was married to a President and that Hillary Clinton is a woman. Contrary to Bill Clinton’s claims that his wife’s experience is not fairly covered in the media, apparently dynasty and the novelty of being the first are the only two factors needed that make one eminently qualified to be President of the United States of America in the 21st Century. Besides the fact constitutionally you must be born a United States citizen and at least 35 years of age of course!

I’m thinking after Hillary let’s just keep the dynasty alive Laura Bush in 2012!