Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Office of the President-Elect

The President elect and appointees Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner, Council of Economic Advisers and Chair-designate Christina Romer to his Economic Team

Question, from where did, “The Office of the President Elect derive? Seriously I’ve been combing the Constitution and I haven’t been able to find it. In addition to that no one in American history has acted as President elect Obama is. Its as if he’s already assumed power with his cool new light blue Office of the president elect placard.

That’s because there is no office of the President Elect. According to the Constitution Mr. Obama will not officially be the President Elect until the Electoral College convenes after the second Wednesday in December, December 10th, and elects him based on the results of the Nov. 4 general election as stated in the Constitution. (see story)
He [president Bush] will be the president until January 20th. However, giving--given, really, the daunting challenges that we face, it's important that President-elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one. –Valerie Jarrett
Obama spokes person Valerie Jarrett, co chair of the Obama transition team explains that we only have one president at a time on Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw. Ms. Jarrett also seems to think that president elect Obama will begin to “rule” on January 20, 2009. Note to Ms. Jarrett presidents govern Kings and Dictators rule! (see MTP transcript)

So what in the Hell is Barack Obama doing parading about like he has some official capacity? It is all to create an illusion of power. It seems that Mr. Obama has studied from the 48 laws of power and has enacted these laws in this campaign and is now using them in his transition. (see laws)
You are seeing before your eyes a political operation predicated on a set of Laws of Power and control that many nefarious leaders have used to form States whose functioning was a result of the ability of leaders to dupe the masses!

As Greene states, it is all about ILLUSIONS! And who is the creator of these illusions? David Axelrod, Chief Strategist of the Obama Campaign, who has followed Greene’s text to the letter.
—No Quarter
President elect Obama is creating what all past dictators have created in previous fascist state rules, an air or appearance of complete control and power.

The authority that Obama is using to be able to do this is called The presidential Transition Act created in 1963 and amended in 2000. The transition act establishes formal provisions for the transition period by outlining training and other assistance that the president-elect and his team of advisers can receive as they prepare to assume office and under Section 3(a)(7)(c) it also provides that Mr. Obama can be called the president elect. (see Act)

Under this Act President elect Obama has received 12 million dollars for transitioning into the presidency and he is given the authority to set up his administration but outside of that he has no real power. He has only the illusion of power which the media is all too happy to grant him.

Yeah Ms. Jarrett maybe you are correct President elect Obama will be ready to RULE on day one!