Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who Said the MSM Isn’t Honest....?

Here’s one that will make even Dan Rather
shrink. A blatant twist of the news, in a futile
attempt to make this do-nothing Democratic
Congress look good. They can try, but only
a dyed-in-the-wool liberal will believe it!!!

AP writer, Anne Flaherty twists the truth with
the best of them. The only problem is that the
more they twist, the more they expose their
true selves and motives.

It was plain from the start that President Bush
would not allow a war funding bill that tied a
withdrawal date from Iraq into it. Now, Ms
Flaherty slants the news to read....."Bush Supports
$120 B Iraq war compromise", as though he
"finally agreed" to something that the Dems want.

Get it straight Ms.Flaherty...........BUSH DIDN’T
COMPROMISE!!! It was the arrogant Democrats,
under the direction of Reid and Pelosi, who
knuckled under. Oh, they didn’t like it, but they
HAD TO, in order to save some portion of "face".

After all their pomposity and verbosity, BUSH WON,
and now they are silently licking their wounds.
Face it!........ they have had their fifteen minutes in the
sun. From here on in, it is all downhill, baby. They
are getting a lot more flack than they figured, on the
"new" immigration bill.........which is nothing more
than the old one, wrapped in a taco.

Wake up you liberal Democrats. After the news about
the war budget, immigration, and the ass-whipping that
the "poster girl for socialism" is getting..... you better
give serious consideration to switching to the
Republican party. Hillary is out for ‘08, Obama is far
from a shoe-in, and Edwards.................... well, all
he will get is the sympathy vote because of his wife’s
illness.......... sorry to say.


Same 'Ole, Same 'Ole............

More of what the Democrats do so well.... pure
BS. When facts don’t work out the way you
want, ..........spin, spin, spin. Eventually, enough
liberal puppets might believe you, and you hang
in there for another day.

This is a classic! Associated Press writes:
"Memo Urges Sen.Clinton to Bypass Iowa"!
Wow, that is news. Seems that a short time ago,
Hillary was very anxious to get to Iowa. She was
confident, arrogant, and itching to lay out her
leftist agenda for an admiring audience.

Now, her deputy campaign manager is urging her
to bypass the state’s primary, because SHE IS
EDWARDS AS WELL! That is laughable. I
see moderate and conservative Republicans rolling
in the aisles over this one. THIS is the lady who
just a few months ago, was most likely going to be
the Democratic candidate for president, and was
definitely going to take the White House.

If she ever pulls this out of her hat, and makes it
as the official Democratic Candidate, the Republicans
could put up Daffy Duck, and he would win!

Just my conservative opinion, Slate..............


Who outed the CIA?

Brian Ross

Shades of Valerie Plame, Guatanamo and Abu Ghriab somebody’s telling all the secrets and putting lives in jeopardy and it ain’t Karl Rove or Dick Cheney either! Is Mitt Romney the only sane one among us? Romney's the only Presidential candidate who's taken offense at this atrocity.

ABC that defender of the people’s right to know on "World News" Tuesday with Brian Ross lead with the story that reported that President Bush had directed the CIA to carry out secret operations against Iran both inside and outside that country.

Now wait just a loose lips sink ships minute, just how does ABC think that the agency that is in charge of COVERT foreign operations for America, how can the CIA conduct it’s business with Brian Ross following around undercover agents with a camera and mic asking inane questions like, “Do you really think it wise to put a tail on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?”

Seriously the story here is who are the current and former officials in the intelligence community leaking National Security secrets? Does shut up mean anything to anyone in government today? One has to wonder are these overly talkative intelligence community officials the reason that we can’t catch Osama bin Laden? I can image it, “Hey OBL President Bush is sending agents your way, run!”

And how are the American people to trust an intelligence community that makes it its primary objective to expose all secrets of a sitting President because of partisan politics?

The lack of outrage by Americans seems to indicate that Americans need to be educated concerning the relationship between intelligence operations and the prevention of attacks against this country. If you are an American you should be outraged!

This sad chapter in American intelligence goes to shows that everything is politically partisan in America today, even government secrets. And if a political party or President is unpopular Democrats have shown that rival partisans will do anything to destroy their rival. This is the truest meaning of cutting off ones nose to spite your face because if, as in this case, President Bush’s policy is responded to negatively by Iran America suffers not just the President or the Bush administration.

Everyone knows about the investigation of the attorney general and his role in the firings of U.S. attorneys. Gonzales, of course, has vowed to stay on despite calls by a few Republicans for him to resign.
But Democrats have three other scalps to claim from that probe and three from others rarely mentioned.
-- Josephine Hearn and Jim VandeHei, The Politico

Congress must stop all of the Republican scalp hunting immediately and do the right thing. Congress must use the time it’s dedicating to persecuting rival Republicans and find out who in the intelligence community is sabotaging America intelligence efforts and Congress must bring those responsible, for these gross unpatriotic actions, to justice.

Just when did treachery become fashionable in the United States of America and just when did current and former intelligence officials begin to feel that they have the right to leak "Presidential findings" to the news media?

"Presidential findings" are kept secret but reported to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and other key congressional leaders.

Let’s be clear, those who leaked these findings are responsible for any Iranian retaliation or escalation, not anything that the President was attempting to do to keep Americans safe from an Anti-American and Anti-Semitic mad man and his country which is supporting terrorism as well as the destabilization of Iraq and American efforts there.

Leaking and reporting that this covert action is now being escalated by the new U.S. directive, can very quickly lead to Iranian retaliation and a cycle of escalation can follow," according to Vali Nasr, adjunct senior fellow for Mideast studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

This treasonous act is a bigger scandal than Valerie Plame, Guatanamo and Abu Ghriab combined but will the Justice Department and Congress use their powers to stop, once and for all, leakers from divulging secret government Intel?

It’s in the Country’s interest to bring these traitors up on charges, and whether you are Democrat or Republican you should be emailing,calling or writing your Representatives about it now!