Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who Said the MSM Isn’t Honest....?

Here’s one that will make even Dan Rather
shrink. A blatant twist of the news, in a futile
attempt to make this do-nothing Democratic
Congress look good. They can try, but only
a dyed-in-the-wool liberal will believe it!!!

AP writer, Anne Flaherty twists the truth with
the best of them. The only problem is that the
more they twist, the more they expose their
true selves and motives.

It was plain from the start that President Bush
would not allow a war funding bill that tied a
withdrawal date from Iraq into it. Now, Ms
Flaherty slants the news to read....."Bush Supports
$120 B Iraq war compromise", as though he
"finally agreed" to something that the Dems want.

Get it straight Ms.Flaherty...........BUSH DIDN’T
COMPROMISE!!! It was the arrogant Democrats,
under the direction of Reid and Pelosi, who
knuckled under. Oh, they didn’t like it, but they
HAD TO, in order to save some portion of "face".

After all their pomposity and verbosity, BUSH WON,
and now they are silently licking their wounds.
Face it!........ they have had their fifteen minutes in the
sun. From here on in, it is all downhill, baby. They
are getting a lot more flack than they figured, on the
"new" immigration bill.........which is nothing more
than the old one, wrapped in a taco.

Wake up you liberal Democrats. After the news about
the war budget, immigration, and the ass-whipping that
the "poster girl for socialism" is getting..... you better
give serious consideration to switching to the
Republican party. Hillary is out for ‘08, Obama is far
from a shoe-in, and Edwards.................... well, all
he will get is the sympathy vote because of his wife’s
illness.......... sorry to say.


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