Monday, July 16, 2007

Let the Controlling of the Conversation Begin!

Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator John Edwards planning to further squelch speech in America
Well it’s a bit to late for that, that is Democrats have been attempting to control this American conversation for going on eight years. So much so that Hillary has picked up this theme for her campaign!

First by creating an absolutely toxic atmosphere around the President, Democrats have given license to the likes of Hugh Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to personally defame the President of these United States of America.

Democrat’s hatred and negativity toward President Bush has caused a Political Global Warming which is destroying the political landscape of this country as well as the politics of countries world-wide.

Now Democrats hypocritically wish to control all aspects of the Presidential debates. Presidential candidate and former one term Senator John Edwards; decided that he would not debate the issues as long as the debate was sponsored by the Congressional Black caucus and the Fox News network. Fox News being the operative word here.

Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson soon followed suit declaring, as their netroots demanded, they would not debate on Fox News either!

You may have thought Good, Fox News is a Republican mouthpiece anyway and that's no place for the pristine ideologies of Liberalism. What you would not have expected is a fascist pattern of controlling speech or Liberal propaganda to be developing in the Democrat Party. Well it is!

As proof, here you have John Edwards and Senator Clinton once again attempting to exclude and limit the free expression of political debate in this country. If you listen carefully you can hear it as it was caught on video, Edwards whispers in Clinton’s ear that they must again limit debate. This time it has nothing to do with those nasty Fox News Conservatives, no, Edwards and Clinton want to prevent their fellow Democrats from debating.

Shades of Congressman Ron Paul! You remember the stink that Liberals attempted to create claiming that it was Republicans who were attempting to limit the Republican debate?

Just how could something that was sooo important to Liberals be repeated by Democrats? For months the liberal cry was Ron Paul, Ron Paul! And now Clinton and Edwards plot to do what they’ve accused the Republicans of doing? Hypocrisy!

You think that Democrats want to tell the truth? You think Al Gore tells the truth? What about John Kerry? Or maybe Hillary Clinton who David Geffen says lies better than the average politician.

This Political conversation that the Democrats plan to have with America is and will be full of deceptions and lies. Of course the greatest lie will be to project Democrat tendencies of lying on Republicans and thus far it’s working.

We’ve seen this all before the Clintonesque contrived parsing of terms the nuanced deception and the coy use of words, situation and politics all Democrat staples for campaigning and governing.

So as Hillary says, Let the conversation begin. Only every aspect of this conversation will be controlled by the Fascist netroots Liberal left and the Democrats who represent them; Hillary, Barak, Reid, Pelosi and John Edwards.

The thing is you won’t be seeing this conversation on Fox News now will you?