Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scientist admit there’s no Global warming but still claim there will be

I need not remind you of all the years that lies were told in the name of Global Warming. You know all of the claims that the Global warming fanatics made about rising carbon levels as they related to trapping green house gases into the earth’s atmosphere, which would in turn cause disastrous worldwide climate catastrophes.

Now even the most ardent of Global Warming soothsayers are forced to capitulate to the fact there has not been global warming in over fifteen years. (see story)

So do these “scientist” apologize for scaring the bejesus out of the rest of us? Do they at least repent of their false religion? Do they correct the false assessments, which they have been teaching our children?

Senior climate scientists said that they had always expected periods when the rate of increase in temperatures would level off for a few years--Steve Connor, The Independent

NO, they pretend they knew all along that there was the possibility of a “hiatus” in the earth’s warming. They also pretend that they knew the ocean would provide a “relief valve” for the earth’s temperature increase.

Then they do something bold, they double down on their previous assessments of climate doom. Assessments made in error and on political motivated quasi-science backed by big moneyed interests. These big moneyed interests had at the ready, set-up markets and exchanges to do trillions of dollars in carbon trading and carbon regulation. All they needed was world governments, your American government, to hand your tax money over to them in the form of Climate Change regulation and taxes.

How do you suppose Al Gore became a multimillionaire? He is a front man for these moneyed interests. They used his name and influence as a former Vice president to promote the need for climate change legislation and policy, which would drive trillions of dollars of business via tax dollars into the markets and exchanges that were established for those purposes.

If the color pink is the new color black, carbon trading and carbon regulation was supposed to be the new world commodity supplanting pork bellies and oranges by its limitlessness.

Hell, Carbon is everywhere. We exhale carbon dioxide all living animals do and plants inhale it. Our bodies are 18.5% carbon based. Life is based on the chemical and physical properties of the element carbon. Pure carbon can be found in three different forms; diamond, graphite and carbon black. About 0.03 percent (by volume) of the Earth's atmosphere is carbon dioxide and more carbon is found as marble, limestone, chalk, coal, petroleum, and natural gas in the Earth's crust. Organic carbon compounds make up about 18 percent of all the matter in living things. Source

Taxing Carbon emissions is better than printing money out of thin air, a Federal Reserve stand by!

The problem that the MET office is facing is lost credibility. All the dire predictions of a global meltdown have failed and people are becoming aware of their gross miscalculations.

Nevertheless global warming scientist fanatics plan to continue the charade of the world facing global warming doom to provide cover for their pocket politicians; President Barry Hussein Soetoro, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister David Cameron, etc.

This should give these carbon tax minions an opportunity to force their governments to enact climate change legislation in their countries so that big moneyed carbon traders will reap astronomical profits from the citizenry of each of their handmaiden’s perspective countries.

President Soetoro has already charged his EPA to implement rules and regulations that will cost the American people billions if not trillions of dollars. This act is meant to feed tax dollars into his big money handlers’ exchanges. He did this knowing that he could not get such policy passed through Congress nor should he be able to!

As I mentioned the credibility, which climate change fanatics enjoyed, has eroded over the 15 years of no global warming. The only way left to advance their agenda now is to have their bought and paid for politicians enact global warming policies and laws against the will of the earth’s people.

I predict the in the next few years the United States under President Barry Hussein Soetoro will adopt some of the most punitive and egregious carbon emission policies in the world. The base effect this will have on the United States is a transfer of wealth from the US into the foreign carbon exchanges, which are controlled by Al Gore’s handlers.

Thus proving the old saw incorrect, you can get something for nothing if you apply the tyranny of corrupt government and unscrupulous individuals to do so.