Friday, June 30, 2006

Europe all Cheers over Gitmo but Refuses Responsibility

Europe all Cheers over Gitmo but Refuses Responsibility

It’s not in my back yard or NIMBY with a little twist, according to the Washington PostEuropean lawmakers and human rights groups have demanded that the U.S. government shut down the Guantanamo prison as soon as possible.

Now according to the WP they were all cheers because of the Supreme Court decision limiting President Bush’s authority to hold military tribunals at the prison at Guantanamo Bay. They hope that the terrorism prison camp will be shut down by the end of the year.

"UK Constitutional Affairs Minister Harriet Harman told the BBC on Sunday the camp should be moved to the US or shut down.

If it's perfectly legal and there's nothing going wrong there - well, why don't they have it in America and then the American court system can supervise it?"

Calls in Europeto shut Guantanamo have become louder in recent months, particularly since U.S. officials announced that three detainees had committed suicide at the camp on June 10.

But…Some of the Prisoners affect by the Court’s ruling would have to be returned to their countries of origin and that presents two problems for the self-righteous Europeans.

About a dozen Guantanamo prisoners have citizenship or residency status in Europe. Those with residency status in Europe have it because their own governments do not want them or have declined to intervene on their behalf. European countries -- Britain, Bosnia and Germany -- have balked at requests to accept their own citizens or former residents who are at Gitmo because these people are accused of having al-Qaeda links.

Also if a prisoner is a citizen of a country that might aggressively hold these Gitmo detainees responsible for terrorist acts, the self-righteous Europeans are insisting that these prisoners not be returned to their country of origin.

So let’s recant, Europeans want Gitmo closed, they want prisoners, alleged terrorist, released but they will not take back their own alleged terrorist citizens and they don’t want citizens of other countries returned to their own countries, countries that might persecute them for terrorism.

No wonder Europe is going to hell in a hand basket! And the U.S. will soon follow if it adopts policies to appease the Europeans.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jesus rode a donkey didn’t he? …or was it an Ass?

Jesus rode a donkey didn’t he? …or was it an Ass?

“A prince,” wrote Niccolo Machiavelli in 1532, “must appear to all who see and hear him to be…pious…faithful…honest…humane, and completely religious. And nothing is more important than to appear to have that last quality.”

A prince need not actually be religious, the Renaissance political analyst hastened to add, and will probably be more effective as a ruler if he is unencumbered by genuine religious scruples. But a prince must appear to be religious “because the masses always follow appearances…and the world is nothing other than the masses.”

Not since Thomas Jefferson edited the Gospels to suit his own fancy has a politician
labored so hard to redefine Christianity to reflect his own point of view but if any one is up to the task Gov. Howard Dean the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee will best Jefferson hands down!

Democrats have had a revelation. They realize that they are perceived as a godless partylargely because of their constituency and their political positions which supports abortion, homosexuality and the anti-God policy of separation of church and state. They also realize to win elections they need to reach out to people who are religious.

Even Democratic rising star Sen. Barack Obama chastised fellow Democrats for failing to "acknowledge the power of faith in the lives of the American people…” Sen. Obama said, "Not every mention of God in public is a breach to the wall of separation.

It is doubtful that children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance feel oppressed or brainwashed as a consequence of muttering the phrase `under God,”

So what to do? With every revelation there is a change right? So is Gov. Dean thinking about a transformation? Yes but it’s not what you think. You’re familiar with the saying, “If you can’t bring Muhammad to the mountain, bring the mountain to Muhammad?

Well Dean is thinking of changebut the way he sees it he only has to use Orwellian Newspeak with Machiavellian deception to accomplish the change that he desires. Newspeak is the propagandistic language marked by euphemism, circumlocution, and the inversion of customary meanings. Therefore, Howard Dean believes if the Democrats talk about values and if the Democrats offer up their own set of values that should be enough to get religious people to vote for the Democrat Party.

Gov. Dean said that, "The Democratic Party platform from 2004 says marriage is between a man and a woman," May 10 during a "700 Club" program hosted by conservative Christian leader Pat Robertson on his Christian Broadcasting Network.

This was clearly an effort to change the perception that Christian conservatives hold of the Democrat Party. However Dean’s effort to be inclusive of Christians was meet with strong opposition from the homosexual wing of his party according to them Dean’s interview with Pat Robinson was a display of pandering and insult that would not be tolerated.

Party pressure forced Gov. Dean to retract his attempt to reach out to Christians, "I misstated the Democratic Party's platform, which does not say that marriage should be limited to a man and a woman, but says the party is committed to full inclusion of gay and lesbian families in the life of our nation and leaves the issue to the states to decide," Dean is quoted as saying in his retractatory statement.

Failing to bring his party along in his attempt to connect to Christians on the marriage issue Gov. Dean moved the political discussion to values.

Dean said. "Jesus taught to help the least among us. He spent his life reaching out to the disenfranchised. The Democratic Party is the party of that value, not the Republican Party." So Gov Dean believes that if values are what Christian want then here are a few.

The twelve commandments of Democratic values according to Howard Dean are:

I. Thou shall reach out to the disenfranchised
II. Thou shall not pass debt onto children
III. Thou shall not allow kids to go to bed hungry at night
IV. Thou shall not go out on golf trips paid for by lobbyist
V. Thou shall have personal responsibility
VI. Thou shall have individual freedom
VII. Thou shall not be materialistic
VIII. Thou shall monitor thy kids T.V. viewing
IX. Thou shall be spiritual
X. Thou shall be inclusive, Conservatives or Christians excluded
XI. Democratic values shall drive all policies and law
XII. And Thou shall have fewer abortions, not just by abstinence, but family planning as well

So according to Mr. Dean any value will do if values are what you conservatives want. Sadly this depicts the problem with the left. The left believes that all things are relative so it doesn’t matter what the values are just so as long as you got some. Actually this is a glaring admission that the left knows nothing about values

The Democratic National Committee's lead pollster, Cornell Belcher, said that religious people who have been stymied economically represent a huge opportunity for the party, and that the challenge is to portray moral values as "not just gay marriage and abortion."

Which is another indication that the left really doesn’t understand the value thing!

"We have not spoken about moral values in this party for a long time," Dean said. "The truth is, we're Democrats because of our moral values. It's a moral value to make sure that kids don't go to bed hungry at night. . . . It is a moral value not to go out on golf trips paid for by lobbyists."

According to Dean,"A moral value is personal responsibility and individual freedom. And that is what Democrats are going to start to stand for -- moral values."

Well good luck with that! And I suppose because Jesus rode a Donkey once that makes him a Democrat? I’m betting Howard Dean would agree with that, but I don’t think that kind of reasoning will win many converts from religious voters.

Gov. Dean if you really want to win over religious voters don’t try to fool them with some campaign strategy that you made up to defeat the Republicans. You should really try some of the values from the people which you are attempting to woo. Values such as, Don’t lie, and Don’t bear false witness (against the President).

And don’t introduce Orwellian concepts like “marriage equality” which is coined to attempt to introduce the image of homosexuals the same as heterosexuals in all things equal.

And here’s one, “Repent for the Kingdom is God is at hand. With genuine commitment to real values Mr. Dean you and your party would do this country good.

Otherwise you might believe that you can convince religious people that Jesus riding on a donkey meant that he was a Democrat that kind of theology is not going to work with religious folks Mr. Dean on the contrary it would only make you appear to be an Ass!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Iraq is the U.N.'s War

Iraq is the U.N.'s War

Just doing a little dot connecting here and interesting enough when one connect them one finds that the fault for the Iraq war lies squarely with the U.N.

Yes I know that saying that is anathema to Bush falters but never-the-less it is true. That's correct, had Mr. Secretary General Kofi Annan done his job with Iraq, America would not be at war in Iraq! For instance dot number one,

Senator Rick Santorum announces that Congress had been sitting on a Document that proved that 500 WMDs were found in Iraq since the war started in 2003. An unnamed Pentagon official confirms this. However he quickly points out that the weapons were pre-1991 and in a degraded state.

While it is true that mustard gas loses potency, sarin gas does not according to the Congressional document that Senator Santorum exposed. According to that document the chemicals remain hazardous and potentially lethal also the document suggests that it's possible to modify these munitions for various uses and that could be useful for a vengeful terrorist. So this find is important, these weapons are real and these weapons are still dangerous.

But let's not miss the point while digging around in minutia. U.N. weapons inspectors were in and out of Iraq for 5 years since 1998 checking for WMD in that period of time they issued numerous reports that no weapons could be found therefore they concluded that weapons must have been destroyed. WRONG!

Saddam was playing a cat and mouse game with the U.N. inspectors barring them 9 times from looking for WMD but the weapons were there! The inspectors just couldn't find them, we're finding them now. Thus proving that U.N. inspections didn't work and for all of the, Bush didn't let the inspectors do their job, critics; again the incompetent U.N. inspectors rooted around in Iraq for 5 years and didn't do their job.

Hans Blix was no better than Richard Butler as Chief U.N. Weapons inspector neither man could find what was obviously there. By the way the Congressional document that Senator Santorum disclosed states that more weapons are likely to be found.

Dot number two is general U.N. corruption and incompetence. Kofi Annan is recently in the news demanding that nations keep arms secure from thieves and smugglers.

Mr. Annan you presided over the most corrupt and inept organizations that the world has ever known, your weapon inspectors failed, your 17 sanctions against Iraq failed, and your oil-for-food scandal enabled Saddam to bilk billions of dollars which was earmarked for use by the people of Iraq. Your nepotism allowed your son, Cojo to broker very lucrative sweetheart deals worth millions of dollars while you looked the other way

U.N. corruption and incompetence enabled Saddam to continue hording and hiding weapons. Kofi Annan's mismanagement of the U.N. has resulted in the promotion of terrorism and war instead of decreasing the violence that these acts produce.

And last Saddam managed to buy France and Germany's support on the Security Council and if you remember these countries blocked U.N. action against Saddam forcing America to take matters into its own hands.

If not for the corruption and the mismanagement of the U.N. America would not be in Iraq fighting this war on terrorism. Iraq is the U.N.'s war and I blame Kofi Annan because that's were the dots connect but a little thing like proof never stopped a Bush hater.

But at least we know now that hating Bush is purely based on prejudice, bias and hypocrisy the trifeca of what Liberals are made of!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Creating Orwellian World-view by Machiavellianism

Also it should be noted, the newly coined word Invasive-gration is illegal entry into this country by foreign nationals who ignore U.S. immigration laws much to the hurt and harm of U.S. Citizens. These lawless acts cause a great deal of damage to the U.S. eco-economic system.
While manipulating language for political ends is a tactic employed by each of the dominate political parties in this country, the adherents of one party in particular has based its entire platform on the machinations of the Orwellian concepts of Blackwhite, Bellyfeel, Doublethink and an Orwellian-like creation of my own, Ficpar, which is used to accuse the opposing party of creating fiction (lying) or more precisely accuse the other party of using the very Orwellian tactics that the accusatory party uses. In Oldspeak that would simply be called projection.

Liberals who have taken over the Democratic Party are in the process of attempting to create an Orwellian world-view one in which up is down, right is wrong and black is white all in the name of progressivism. What I’ve just described is an effort to force social change on the false premise that all things are relative.
It is through confusing and manipulating the language that these Neo-Orwellianist intend to introduce word meanings in opposite of their denotative meanings.

Moreover, they intend to use the state to invade on personal privacy, they’ll control daily life by the use of the state, they’ll disintegrate the family unit by state mandate, they’ll replace religious faith with worship of the state in a semi-religious manner, they’ll force citizens to learn and embrace inconsistent concepts without dissent, and they’ll deny and/or rewrite history and American tradition.

The three pillars of left's ideology are Homosexuality, Abortion and Invasive-gration. It is by these three issues that the left intends to redefine all of Western civilization’s history and tradition. They will attempt to do this by Orwellian argumentation and Machiavellian deception and manipulation in order to gain social and political change and also power for special interest groups that heretofore historically were non-existence as groups. Also the Left wishes to normalize behaviors which were up to this point considered abnormal at least and deviant at worst. Also it should be noted, the newly coined word Invasive-gration is illegal entry into this country by foreign nationals who ignore U.S. immigration laws much to the hurt and harm of U.S. Citizens. These lawless acts cause a great deal of damage to the U.S. eco-economic system.

The left’s intentions may be noble in theory, nevertheless, the left is wrong because the behaviors which it has chosen to champion are socially destructive behaviors which seem benign to the myopic view of the Left but in the broad context of civilized society the Lefts causes will inevitably cause great harm to our society at large as well as the individuals who experiment with the false choices and pseudo-freedoms that the left offers up as ersatz Constitution guaranteed rights.

This blog will track the Lefts causes, demonstrate why their arguments are Neo-Orwellianist and lastly, at the same time this blog will show the extreme Machiavellian deception and manipulation of the left as they attempt to bypass the citizenry of this country by using the third branch of our government, the courts, to impose fascist legalities on our society, legalities which are meant to force the Left’s privately held beliefs on the entire country. They will do this, all the while; they will be claiming that their opponents are forcing their Conservative views of history, tradition and religion on them.

Thus the ultimate Machiavellian ruse, to play the poor put upon victim while they, the left, aggressively uses the courts to force the heathenish Fakir majority to convert to the left’s ideas or be jailed for your disapproval of their acts of ideological imperialism. This IS Creating Orwellian World-view by Machiavellianism as perpetrated by Leftists Progressives of the Democrat Party.