Monday, November 19, 2012

Can the GOP be Dirty enough to win another election?

Obama’s voters like their politics corrupt, they like liars for their candidates and they like to commit voting fraud. Can the GOP ever be as dirty as Democrats? And do they really want to?
Not since the American Indians taught the early American colonists guerrilla warfare to use against the straight line fighting Red coated Armies of the British has there been such an unlikely outcome.

Democrats have hidden the failings of an unqualified affirmative action president, his radical agenda to fundamentally destroy America and they have won his re-election.

They did it by playing fast and loose with the truth, they did it by deception and all out lies. They did it by lying and hiding the facts about murders in Benghazi where four Americans died, an American Ambassador included. The truth has yet to come out.

In addition, voter fraud was reported in several states of the Union in this presidential election either by machine or by duplicitous illegalities yet Democrats have already declared victory in this election and president elect Obama and the Democrat Party have moved on to metastasizing throughout and corrupting the U.S. body politick.

Still reeling from an unexpected defeat the GOP reassessments have been introverted and personal. Should they pander to special interests groups like Democrats? Should they cheapen U.S. citizenship like Democrats? Should they put up a composite candidate tailored to say whatever it takes to win like Democrats? Should they continue the giveaway of unpaid for and unsustainable entitlements worsening the overall economic health of our nation like Democrats? Or is the question really should Conservatives abandon Conservatism altogether?

What has become increasing clear is Obama’s voters like their politics corrupt, they like liars for their candidates and they like to commit voting fraud. Can the GOP ever be as dirty as Democrats? And do they really want to?

I’m hearing all sorts of remedies for what ails the GOP but as I see it, the problem isn’t with Conservatives or the GOP. I believe that there is something terribly wrong with an electorate that would allow itself to be duped a second time by a Party that uses sociopathic methodology combined with a win elections by any means necessary mentality.

The America people have devolved into puerile little citizens who simply refuse to take the medicine of economic fixes that will make them and their economy better because they don’t like the taste of smaller government and fewer entitlements.

Can the GOP be dirty enough to win in this new immature political environment? I’m not sure that the GOP wants to win that badly. There is a reason for the old saw, “All is fair in love and war.” Democrats treat politics like war so nothing is out of the question for them. If the GOP is not willing to be as dirty as Democrats maybe they will consider being politically smarter than Democrats.

Conservatives must figure out how to get Americans to eat their strained peas. Conservatives must learn how to get Americans to take their medicine. Should Conservatives abandon Conservative ideas? No, Conservative ideas are the medicine the strained peas that this Country needs. Let me say again, Conservative ideas are the medicine this country needs.

Adults in this country no matter what Party will soon see the empty caloric intake of repeated trillion dollar deficits the cotton candy of unsustainable entitlements and the many and continued Obama Hollywood like fantasies that turn reality on its head are bad for our country.

The question is not can the GOP be as dirty as Democrats the question is, can Liberals demonstrate the internal fortitude to forgo empty calories and cotton candy of Democrat policies.

Also, think of this, delusions are the stuff that Hollywood is made of. Is there any wonder why so many Hollywood Liberals vote for Democrats? Therefore can Liberals grow up and reject childlike Progressive Utopian dreams

Conservatives must fight the ridiculously bad advice, which claims that Conservatism must move more to the Left. We are alright so far left that today’s Conservatives are like John F. Kennedy Democrats of the 1960’s. John Kennedy would be attacked by today’s Democrats as a far right wing ideologue.

What this country needs is a move to the right a move that would halt the constant and progressive downward spiral to the left. The GOP must strategize about making a move to the right happen for all America. Any talk to move Conservatives away from Conservative ideology is wrong headed and not what the country needs.

Therefore Conservatives or the GOP must be smarter not dirtier than Democrats.