Sunday, July 02, 2006

Offering up Inappropiate Praises

Offering up Inappropiate Praises

Osama bin Laden last week commenting on the death of Iraqi al Queda terrorist Abu Musab al- Zarqawi called Zarqawi a Lion of Jihad (Holy War). Praising Zarqawi's terrorist acts as works of God.

Zarqawi was response for the beheadingsof many innocent non-combatant Westerners. One of the most publicized was that of Nick Berg a contractor who was kidnapped in Iraq as he was looking for work.

Just before his murder Berg was forced to sit on the floor in a orange jump suit, say his last words then before a video camera, it is reported that Zarqawi himself hacked the head off of Nick Berg as fellow Islamic terrorist in chorus shouted Allah akbar, Allah akbar, Allah akbar. Yet their inappropriate praises failed to drown out the blood curtling screams of Nick Berg.

Bin Laden declared war on the United States first in 1996 and again in 1998 and the Jordan born Zarqawi was an Iraqi lieutenant in bin Laden's Holy war.

Bin Laden's and Zarqawi's holy war is typified by kidnappings, suicide bombers, roadside bombs, al Qaida hiding out in villages among innocents, beheading innocent men and women, blowing up mosques and killing fellow Muslims. All works that God endorses in the mind of Osama bin Laden and anyone engaged in such activities deserves much praise.

Inappropiate praise in my estimation because Zarqawi's acts were not courageous or lionese nor were they the works of God.

If courage and working for the cause of truth are attributes to be praised then may I suggest two people who are far more worthy of our notice. Ayaan Hirsi Aliand Oriana Fallaciboth courageous women who have little to no backing yet both of these heroic and courageous women have stood against Islamofascism and warned of the evils of Islam.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali born a Muslim, this Somalia native now an atheist has spoken world-wide against the evils of Islam and the repressive treatment of women under Islamic Sharia Law. Ms. Ali became a Dutch citizen and rose to leadership in Dutch politics subsequently her citizenship was revoked in a political scandal. However due to her work exposing the plight of women under Islamic Sharia law Theo Van Gogh filmmaker and son of Legendary Master Vincent Van Gogh was murdered by Muslims because of his work on a film written by Hirsi Ali depicting Muslim women under Sharia law and Ms. Ali is now under consist protection because of threats against her own life.

Oriana Fallaci, Italian journalist and writer has attempted to warn her country about the dangers of Islamic fascism only to be sued by Muslims, her work called hate speech and subsequently she is in self exile in America. Ms. Fallaci has written two powerful truth telling books, The Rage and the Pride and The Force of Reason, these books deal with the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the Islamozation of Europe respectively.

These remarkable brave women deserve praise from all freedom loving and freedom of speech supporters. Especially when the free press of the West, motivated by fear, self-censored themselves regarding the Muhammad editoral cartoons so not to offend the practitioners of Islamic terrorism.

In spite of political persecution and threats of death these woman spoke truth to power and truth against political correctness.

Ms. Ali and Ms. Fallaci are the true Courage in the fight against terrorism because of their unwavering commitment to truth both women now reside in the United States because of persecution.

Nevertheless what is owed to each of these women is our highest praise!