Monday, February 04, 2008

Hold Your Noise and Vote Tuesday

Sen. McCain and Sen. Clinton in a Moment of Mutual Admiration

Yes, I think holding their nose they’re going to have to take him.-- Roberta McCain, mother of Sen. John McCain
John McCain has always been friendlier with Democrats than he has been with Republicans and recently Sen. John McCain’s White haired mother, Roberta McCain, was asked about her son’s prospects for winning the Republican nominee to be president and although she acknowledged that her son had no support among Conservatives she speculated that came election against a Democrat her son would be the Republican representative and that Conservatives would just have to hold their noises and vote for him.

McCain with a face that only a mother could love has became the face of a Party that is fast becoming a Party that no one can love.

In the 2006 mid-term elections voters threw Republican out on their ears and voted Democrats into majority status in both the House and the Senate because Republicans had become depraved little Democrat wannabes. The country began seeing both Parties as an extension to the other and some even name them as such with the derisive designations Demo-cans and Republi-crats.

Homosexual child affairs with Congressional pages that heretofore were Democrat territory, fiscal and monetary corruption that was, before the Republicans came into power for their short 12 year majority reign, was primarily a Democrat staple for the 40 years that Democrats held power. And then the America people kicked Democrats out in 1994 when Newt Gingrich lead Conservatives with a promise to clean up Congress with Conservative ideas.

Ideas like small government, less taxes, ethics and integrity in government and above all respect and adherence to the Constitution of the United States of America. So what happened?

Apparently our esteemed political leaders sensed a change in the American people one which 40 years of homosexual rights, abortion rights and multiculturalism have brought about. Ideologically American is a liberal hedonistic post-Christian society.

Many Republican Congressmen and Senators believe that with what they perceive as a seismic shift in social morays that it is no longer expedient for them to fight for Conservative ideas.

Therefore the blurring of the Parties, you vote for a Republican and voilĂ  you get a closet Democrat like Governor Arnold Schwarznegger of California who betrayed Conservatives, though he presented himself and ran as a Conservative, by signing into California Law assembly bill and senate bill AB394 and SB777 that forces homosexuality on the citizens of California by law.
There is terrible news from California. On October 12, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law three bills which, the opposition argues, introduce the radical homosexual agenda into educational institutions.--Paul Weyrich
Not to mention that California is facing a cataclysmic fiscal deficit yet a couple of years ago Californians duped by politically correct leaders and Movie Stars voted to fund stem cell research 3 billion dollars right in the middle of their fiscal crisis.
Californians backed their opinions with money with 59 percent of those who showed up at the polls voting for last November's Proposition 71, which will funnel $3 billion of the cash-strapped state's funds into embryonic stem-cell research over the next decade.-- Michael Fumento
Now the Democrat mismanaged State of California is talking about laying off state workers, closing state parks and slashing school funding because they don’t have any money. What morons!

You know it’s said that as California goes, so goes the rest of the United States. So as California crashes and burns under the wildfire of a false Republican Governor and a totally Democrat controlled state government, we can preview what America will be like when a Democrat controlled Congress and either a Republi-crat or a Demo-can is elected President.

But I’ve digressed. The point that I’m making is Sen. John Cain represents the old guard of the Trent Lott Republican Party that believes that you have to be like Democrats to win. Republi-crats like McCain are ashamed of Conservative values because those values are not the politically correct values that everyone is embracing now.
Former Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.), a longtime McCain ally, said that when it looked like the bottom fell out over the summer, he rallied a group of McCain supporters in Washington.
Lott told The Hill that the meeting was far from a “celebration,” but the group resolved to stay with McCain.
“I said, ‘Look, just relax,’ ” Lott said. “ ‘If we can come up with a million, million and a half [dollars] a month to keep him afloat, he’ll come out of this by October.’ ”
--Sam Youngman, The Hill

Everyone wants amnesty for illegal aliens; everyone wants government health care, everyone wants homosexual instruction in schools like in Massachusetts and everyone wants homosexuals normalized. Homosexual sex on the big screen, on the cable, in airport bathrooms and in the living rooms of all America, everyone wants that.

And if everyone wanted to jump off of the proverbial cliff Democrats and Republi-crats like McCain would want to legislate that into law too!

In the pass I have identified a number of Republi-crats who should not be re-elected, I termed them “Former Senators walking” for their part in attempting to force amnesty down the throats of Americans, and John McCain was one of the Senators that I named.

At the very least McCain should be forced back to Arizona and either be challenged by a Republican or made to run as a Democrat and if the people of Arizona elect him as a Democrat he would be fairly representing them. But to be running as a potential Republican Presidential Candidate is absolutely astonishing.

Yet McCain and other Republi-crats are the reason that the Republican Party lost in 2006 and subsequently they are the reason Republicans have lost their way.

Sen. McCain mother was right the Senator has no Conservative Republican support his candidacy is made up of Republi-crats like the disgraced retired Sen. Trent Lott (Thank God!) and others who are working to transform the Republican Party in a splitting image of the Democrat Party.

These losers believe that Republicans can’t win and they are ashamed of Conservative values. To which I say, they have that right but they should leave the Republican Party and join a Party that is more reflective of their values.

And their man McCain should run for President, but not of the Republican Party, no McCain best represents Independent and Moderate Democrats as you know he was considering leaving the Republican Party in 2004 and running with John Kerry.

On the Democrat side it should be Obama, Clinton and McCain vs. Romney and Huckabee on the Republican side.

Jeez I think that I’m going to have to hold my noise on any of the above.

Just put McCain in the correct category and let the Republicans elect their own poison.

Republicans should have the right to elect who they want to represent them not some fake Republican who used the Republican hating media and self hating Republican Democrat wannabes along with Independents and Democrat Moderates to win the Republican nomination.

Where is a Conservative when you need one? Jim DeMint, Rick Santorim, John Cornyn or John Thune where are you?

If you are a Conservative out there take my advice and hold your noise because it’s going to be a smelly 4 years if Obama, Clinton or McCain is elected.

But you’ve only have yourselves to blame if you don’t fight everyday for Conservative ideas and vote for Conservative representatives to lead this Country out from the moral malaise which we presently find ourselves.

McCain, Obama and Clinton are a step backward to the free love 60’s a time of anything goes that brought on the AIDS of the 80’s and 90’s

Even free love has its consequences and so does a vote for Democrats or a Republi-crat!

Ann Coulter says she’d vote for Hillary before she’d vote for McCain. McCain’s mother is right no Conservatives support John McCain.