Monday, August 16, 2010

Every Last Iota of a Cracker I Hate It!

I hate White people all of them. Every last iota of a cracker I hate it! —King Samir Shabazz, Head of the Philadelphia New Black Panther Party
In defense of Dr. Laura Schlessinger and all Adult thinking people in America

I received a phone call from a Black Liberal friend who knows that I write this blog. He wanted to alert me of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s most recent travail with the archaic notion of freedom of speech in America.

According to my friend, Dr. Laura said the word Nigger. After a lingering pause, my friend obviously waiting for my response, I said half jokingly, “…and then she killed someone?” but to my friend this was no laughing matter. So I asked, did Dr. Laura call someone a Nigger or did she simply say the word? He said that he didn’t hear it himself he just heard Al Sharpen talking about it on CNN. “You can turn to it and see yourself,” he said.

I told him that a T.V. wasn’t available to me right at the moment but I would look into it and get back to him. He said, “You’re good at researching on the net I’m sure you can find it.” First, I assured him that Dr. Laura is a good person and a consummate professional. I said that I’m sure that this was a complete misunderstanding. I thanked him for the “heads-up” and then we hung up.

I did query the subject. I think I put in Dr. Laura and the word “Nigger” and sure enough, the net was on fire with flames of condemnation, which were threatening to lap up the career of Dr. Laura.

The fact that she dare to said “the Word” the “N-Word” the Mother of all negative epithets was enough to get the Shirley Sherrod NAACP types all riled up, my friend included.

Media Matters website, the conspicuously Left Wing radical creation of Hillary Clinton and George Soros, posted a story of how they heroically were able to ferret out the original tapes of the “Niggergate” show after of course the sinister Dr. Laura show attempted to hide the evidence of Dr. Laura’s blatant racism. So I listened to Media Matters unedited “Full Audio” of the incident. (hear 6:42min audio)

Now as I see it Dr. Laura was attempting to have an intelligent Adult conservation with a caller who obviously is caught in a conundrum of her own making. The caller, identified as Jay, chose to marry into an interracial situation while apparently she harbors latent racial attitudes and resentments herself. The underlying problem is Jay doesn’t have the psychological makeup or maturity to handle an interracial marriage and all of the things that come along with that marriage.

And as an aside Jay asked the question, “Is it ever okay to say the word Nigger?” Which is a completely different subject but let’s examine that.

Jay is Black woman who is married to a White man. She is complaining about the “racial attitudes” of her family and friends. And now she is suggesting that there are words in the American lexicon that are strictly off limits? And to whom are these words off limits? Only to White people. So just what are these words?

Well after a brief survey I’ve come up with a list of seven words and phrases that White people in President Barry Hussein Soetoro’s America can under no circumstances utter, no matter the context, they are:
1. Nigger
2. Colored
3. Boy
4. Nappy Headed Ho, or Hos
5. Slavery or Slave
6. Picking Cotton, or in the field picking cotton
7. Coon

I’m sure that other ethnicities have words or phrases that are banned from usage by White people. You’re free to email me with your choices. (TPFIC)

Now that it's made absolutely clear that in a free country like America that there are ineffable words for the “Whiteman,” let it also be known that in President Soetoro's America we can all happily go about our business of voter intimidation of White people and advocating hatred of White people. All while advocating for the killing of White people and their Cracker White babies while the Soetoro Justice Department stands by and lends its support. (see 1:19min video)

There is too much serious business going on in the Black community to be out here sliding through south street with white dirty Cracker whore cunts on our arms. And we calling ourselves Black men with African garb on. What the hell is wrong with you Black man?—King Samir Shabazz

Dr. Laura you have my apologies for blatant double standard and the attitude of racism that was unfairly thrust upon you. King Samir Shabazz and your caller Jay are the reasons why we cannot advance pass racial difference in America.

I also apologize to you for the puerile thinking of some Blacks who think it is perfectly fair to have exclusive right to use the word Nigger. These Blacks believe that they have the right to use racial pejoratives, calling White people Crackers, while the mere mentioning of the word Nigger by a White person in any context is an offense and affront to the dead cold body of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This is wrong.

As your caller, Jay demonstrated Blacks are just as cowardice as anyone else when it comes to frank discusses regarding race. (see 2:11 min video)

I know that you were forced to apologize for saying the sacred “word,” a word that is above every other word (unless of course a Black person uses it.) What is ashamed is that Eric Holder was correct. There are cowards among us who are afraid to talk about race in an adult and mature way.

Those cowards are the President, Mr. Holder and all Black people who subscribes to the hate the White man mentality.

Dr. Laura what has happened to you is a prime example why there is no honest talk about Race in this country.

All the opposition that is now lined up against you are the cowards that prevent open and honest discussion about race in this country. And they are not White neither! They are Black! These racial cowards and bigots are Black.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Right, know ALL ABOUT THE STORY, but you couldn't even get the name of the caller right. "Jay" huh? LOL!

  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Right on, honky

  3. Good constructive criticism Anon.

    Your comment not only informed us of the caller's correct name, your comment also exposed your effort to overlook an entire truth in order point out an insignificant "Got ya!"

    You should be very proud, LOL

  4. Surferman10:03 AM

    Don't sweat the Moron, Alaphiah... This country is crawling with them!

    If only Moron's couldn't vote, we wouldn't be in this MESS we're in right now!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM

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