Friday, April 08, 2011

Obama’s Birth Certificate is all that Matters

Do you really believe that the Clinton Machine circa 2007 really didn’t spend some time looking into this. Do you really believe that John McCain and the Clinton campaign would have rolled over and participated in this grand conspiracy, that’s what I’ve never understood about this —Chuck Todd, The Daily Rundown MSNBC
It is an indisputable fact that no one, not those who claim that Barry Hussein Soetoro is a legitimate president nor those who ask to see verification of Soetoro status (as a “Natural Born” Citizen) has seen Soetoro’s birth certificate. No one has. You can easily disprove this statement by pointing out where you’ve seen it. Knowing that you can’t I’ll continue.
I say this understanding that the altered Obama certificate of life birth posted on Obama’s site, fight the smears, states on the bottom of the document, “Any Alterations Invalidate This Certificate”
This is a seminal event that will define this as a nation of laws going forward or as a nation that cherry picks which laws it follows based on the serendipitous whimsy of constitutional deconstructionists.

What is true is anyone who uses the pejorative “birther” is as ignorant as the name-caller imagines anyone to be who asks for proof of Soetoro’s eligibility. I have heard badly informed defenses of Soetoro’s eligibility from those who imagine themselves authorities in our lives. Some of these people if ask if they believed in Jesus Christ would tell you, one, they don’t believe in God because he hasn’t shown proof of his existence and two, all religion is based on faith and they need empirical scientific proof to trust in anything.

History will show Donald Trump is by far the greatest current America patriot in the last 100 years. Trump alone, as a public figure, has pledged his fame his fortune and his sacred honor to ask the one fundamental question that every American should agree upon is the most basic of questions. Can a single man, the media and his Party render the Constitution of the United States irrelevant without a single shot fired? They can if Republicans, Independents and the majority of Americans continue to aide Democrats with passive acceptance.(see 5:56min video)

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Can one man, his media cohorts and his Party hold the Constitution hostage while those with a sworn oath to protect and defend the constitution stand by without so much as a question? I’m not even suggesting a fight because I know most Americans do not have the stomach for a fight, just cause or not. Republicans need to explain why they cower away from the very subject that will bring Progressive Liberalism and the Democrat Party to it's knees.

However here is one man, Donald Trump who asks the question openly and unabashedly, 'If the emperor has new clothes then let us see them.' The same question asked by Chris Matthews and by David Corn they both agreed that the president should show his birth certificate. They are not “birthers” (Chris Matthews asks for Obama’s Birth Certificate)

Is there any one above the law in America? Name them. Is there anyone who is not governed by the constitution? Please speak up. Did not John McCain show his birth certificate when he was questioned on his eligibility? He did. The last I check McCain is not a Black man. So asking Obama to do the same is not motivated by some hidden racist agenda.

So what makes Barry Hussein Soetoro so special that he doesn’t have to answer to the American people?

Remember Moammur Quadhafi, remember Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak, and remember Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. Two who were said to have lost their rights to rule and one who may be losing his right to rule because their people do not recognize their legitimacy.

The primary consideration for the 2012 elections is do the ends justify the means. and can a Party that accused George W. Bush falsely of shredding the constitution in many aspects of his presidency actually do what they falsely accused their opposition of doing, by in reality shredding the constitution?

Donald Trump a very brilliant man, no dummy by anyone’s standard, has asked the question is Barry Hussein Soetoro eligible to be president of the United States of America. This is an important question in light of the fact that as of today, two years into his presidency, Soetoro has failed publicly to offer proof of his eligibility.

Since the investigative reporting of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein has been replaced by behind the desk teleprompter readers who call in “experts” to inform them we will never know the truth by depending on such, “reporting.” Furthermore, media and the president’s opponents won’t demand proof of Soetoro’s eligibility because they have all been guilted off the question by indirect and not so indirect accusations of racism, stupidity or rabid partisanship. It’s political bullying and peer pressure all wrapped up in the lie that if you ask a Black president to show that he is constitutionally eligible you have somehow told him he doesn’t have the right to cross Selma Alabama’s Edmund Pettus Bridge in 2011.

Donald Trump is doing America a favor. This is a conversation that the president should be happy to have, otherwise there will be a permanent link between his name and the fact that nearly half of Americans, if not more, believe him to be constitutionally ineligible to be president.

The truth will eventually come out. It is unfortunate that the president and his supporters are on the wrong side of history on this matter.

There is an old saw. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Barry Hussein Soetoro was able to ride the Bush unpopularity that Democrats drummed up in 2008, straight into the highest elected office in the world. He did it without disclosing his eligibility status because we were all distracted with Democrat manufactured Bush bashing.

This time thanks to Donald Trump, the American people can ask the right questions and make the right choices for America. Barry Hussein Soetoro is not and has not been the right choice for America because of his palpable contempt for American and it’s constitution.

I was speaking to an acquaintance who revealed to me that he was an anchor baby. As a grown man, he told me, he has mixed feelings in so many ways about his citizenship. I asked him would he vote for a constitutional ineligible person to be president.

He said to me, “No if he is ineligible I would not vote for him. One thing I’ve learned with my own status is rules are important to keep order.”

This is a lesson of rules that Democrats evidently never learned. Moreover it is a lesson that Donald Trump is reminding the rest of us about.