Friday, July 13, 2012

Why is it preposterous to ask for this President’s College Records?

How many times have we heard that Barry Hussein Soetoro is the smartest president to have ever held the office? What is that claim based on, his ability to read a teleprompter, his radical left-wing ideologies or his complementing supportive media complex?

It is only natural that a reporter would want to know factually if the president is as smart as everyone is saying so when one go to investigate the claim guess what every record from Kindergarten to College are sealed. So naturally, the next question is why? Moreover, why was this president allowed to campaign in 2008 and serve for almost four years and no one has been able to see his education records?

Late in the game (better late than never) one reporter asked president press secretary Jay Carney, would the president release his education records however Carney found the request preposterous, why? (see 2:34min video)

Did you notice how fluidly and effortlessly Carney used Saul Alinsky’s rule number five and number thirteen of power tactics to neutralize the reporter’s question? Rule number five is “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” And Rule number thirteen is, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Upon hearing the question Carney immediately associated it with Donald Trump a man that the Soetoro team has invested a great deal of political capital attempting to ridicule and make look foolish. However it was Trump that forced Soetoro to do something that he didn’t want to do. Because the president was trained as a lawyer he ever wanted to put an actual document up so that there would evidence of fraud. Trump made that happen. In return, the Soetoro camp has made Trump look ridiculous to like-minded Liberal acolytes.

Secondly Carney uses what he considers is a mitigating factor, Trump. He suggests that the question about the president’s school records is invalid because Trump raised a question about the president’s birth, which is absurd. And which blatantly steers the conversation away from the embarrassing situation that we have an administration that promised to be the most open and honest administration in the history of the United States yet their leader has been lying about, making up and hiding details about him from his college days.

To begin proper vetting of the man who occupies the White house is late yet it is due. In addition, it is needed for the American people to make a proper decision regarding just who slipped into the White house while America’s attention was placed in an Anti-Bush frame of mind. We need to see this president’s well-guarded secrets as we decide whether we are going to allow him to remain in our House.

This administration continually depends on the compliance and stupidity of the America people as it uses radical propaganda tactics to deceive about the least transparent, the least pro-America president in the history of our beloved nation.

Therefore, it is not preposterous that we are asking to see what we have seen from every other modern day president. However, what is preposterous is to say that asking for that information is absurd when we all know that your position is the preposterous one Mr. Carney and Mr. President!