Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Van Jones: There is no Tea Party!

Now let me tell you something about the Tea Party. I’ve studied them. For a while, I could say that I’ve read every book by, about, and against the Tea party. Let me tell you something about the Tea party, there is no Tea Party. There is no Tea Party. You can’t land at the airport here in Washington D.C. and get into a cab and say, ‘Take me to Tea Party Headquarters.’

And get out buzz on the buzzer, go in and talk to the receptionist, steal a mint and say, ‘ I’d like to speak to the president of the Tea Party.’
—Van Jones
The saying goes, “Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.”

The Tea Party has been maligned, demonized, criticized and told to go straight to hell by Democrat partisans and Democrat sycophants alike. They have been called Astro turf, tea baggers and terrorists. (see 2:53min video)

Van Jones’ organization, “Rebuild the Dream” was formed to attack the Tea Party. Jones apparently has discovered what we who are not Democrats already know. The Tea Party is not an organization like a union or a special interest group, the Tea Party is a loose affiliated group of Americans.

Every time a Democrat curses the Tea Party, that Democrat is cursing an American. Every time a Democrat demonizes the Tea Party, they are demonizing an American.

There is no headquarters, there is no headquarters, there is no receptionist, there is no mint, there is no president, there is no Tea Party.

The Tea Party is an opened source brand that three thousand five hundred twenty-eight affiliates use, none of them own.—Van Jones

This one insular time Van Jones is correct there is no Tea Party, there are only Americans with a common love of our country who have been vilified by Democrats. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.
Democrats needed another Bush to hate. Democrats need hate. So they are hating on Americans directly.

Americans are not supposed to understand this because Democrats use the name Tea Party as a surrogate for the hate they have for Americans who don’t think and believe the way Democrats do.