Thursday, November 12, 2009

You get what you vote for!

Obama after YOU LIE shout-out

The San Diego Union Tribune Editorial, Stimulus Dishonesty, decries the distortion of the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration regarding the performance of the $789 Billion dollar Stimulus package’s effectiveness. (see story)

The Tribune cites several independent News sources, i.e., The Associated Press, The Sacramento Bee and The Chicago Tribune all reporting that the Obama Stimulus claims of jobs created and jobs saved are all bogus and political manipulations meant to deceived the voting public.

Yet instead of the Soetoro administration correcting itself after disclosures of reported findings which stated that the Soetoro administration’s statistics are gross exaggerations they have instead chosen to doubled down by lashing out at anyone who would dare refute government claims.
This is a scandal and should be treated as such. It’s not government as usual. Instead, it appears to reflect a decision to distort government data collection to support explicitly political agendas.—San Diego Union Tribune
What is surprising is that anyone with a modicum of political acumen would have known that Democrats have employed these tactics of misinformation for the last eight to nine years. It is not at all surprising to those of us who were not sucked into the hype of the, “First Black President.”

What the San Diego Tribune is reporting is business as usual for the Democrat Party. Democrats waged the most massive misinformation campaign in American history against a sitting president aided by the Liberal Elite Media. It was so effective in the 2008 presidential campaign that most Democrats thought that George W. Bush was running against Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Humor aside, never before have we seen a collaborative effort of Liberal Elite Media and a Political Party converge to win an election as we witnessed in 2008.

The Election of Barry Hussein Soetoro was perhaps the greatest deceitful mass manipulation ever to succeed on the American people. So how the Soetoro administration can now bald face lie about one of his key signature issues, the $789 Billion dollar stimulus package and it’s effectiveness, is not hard to imagine—what is hard to understand is why it took so long for the Press to understand that it was dealing with a corrupted Party and individual as in the Democrat Party and Barry Hussein Soetoro.
We are struck yet again by the contrast between the hopeful and idealistic tone of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and the bare-knuckles Chicago-style politics of his White House.

If this hardball approach goes beyond the usual arm-twisting to the routine twisting of government statistics for political purposes, that will be a grim day for America.
—San Diego Union Tribune
What the Tribune has discovered is what Conservatives have been warning America about since Barry Hussein Soetoro arrived on the political scene. Soetoro’s rhetoric doesn’t match his politics.

For the Press to finally notice this administration’s deceit is way after the fact. But at least it’s better than nothing. What remains to be seen is if the Press will do the right thing and begin to report truthfully on the distortions that this president and his administration continually engages in.

Until the voters can correctly inform themselves and vote this impostor out, we are all stuck.

After all America you get what you vote for!