Friday, January 04, 2008

Back to the Future in Iowa

Presidential hopeful John Edwards

Money, a defining measure of candidate strength throughout 2007, turned out to be not so determinative in Iowa. -- JIM KUHNHENN
Remember when politics were about who had the best ideas and not the biggest war chest. Remember when candidates were selected on the strength of their character and not the strength of their political machine.

Remember when candidates had the backing of the people instead of the backing of corporate giants who exert control over the American government by buying Presidents, Senators and Congressmen.

The Iowa Caucus is a throw back to the days when the people selected their leaders independent of the empty political messages of asking what America can do for you instead of asking what you can do for America!

Universal Health Care equals what America can do for you, Homosexual marriage equals what America can do for you, aiding and abetting illegal aliens equals what America can do for you.

Many of these campaigns are base in promises of what America can do for you. John Fitzgerald Kennedy would be ashamed.

What can you do for America? You can vote for a candidate that will put the interest of America and the interest of the American people first.

What you can do for America is vote for the candidate who will fight for America, enforces her borders, and fight for the traditions that made this a great country.

Those ideas are embodied in America’s constitution not the made up false court given civil rights that killed 35 million unborn U.S. citizens or allows homosexuals to pretend that they are man and wife or protects terrorist by giving them rights to carry out their subversive plans to destroy this country from within as well as without.

Unconstitutional court decisions have declared constitutional acts unconstitutional and made unconstitutional subversive America hating plans law!

As we move on to New Hampshire and other more politically correct caucuses we will certainly see a catering to the ask what America can do for you crowd that will certainly suck the remaining life out of what is left of this country that we once proudly called America.

Iowa was a call back to what we could be if we were free from the special interest and corporate interest which rule us today.

Senator Barack Obama and Governor Mike Huckabee won in Iowa what they will not win again due to who really controls an America that is in its last troughs of freedom.

We will not see again the results garnered in Iowa what we will see in the coming days is an empty political process that is pretending to be the same process that once made this country great.

What we will see is corporate and special interest candidates being forced on the American people by polls and media reporting while America sinks into obscurity as the results of Iowa fade from recent memory.