Monday, September 15, 2008


Got cha’ ! This moose huntin’ babe from Alaska doesn’t know anything about foreign policy.

That was the impression that the elitist reporter Charles Gibson of ABC news attempted to convey to the American people with his surprise pop quiz amid his interview with Vice President Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin only thing is according to the journalist that coined the phase the Bush Doctrine, Charles Krauthammer, Gibson failed his own test. (see story)

Gibson didn’t know what the Bush doctrine was and his condescending definition of the so called Bush Doctrine was simply wrong! (related story)

The fact is this question was simply newspeak the term Bush Doctrine was made up by a journalist and apparently the definition changed over time so Gibson’s question to Palin really was, “Governor do you keep up with the media’s pronouncements and definitions?”

Obviously Gibson doesn’t keep up with those pronouncements and definitions himself yet he attempted to be the journalist that single-handedly took Sarah Palin down and who sparked the Obama campaign to victory by derailing the McCain campaign, but what’s happening instead is Gibson is having his own Dan Rather moment.

CBS news’ Dan Rather attempted to affect the 2004 elections by reporting unvetted stories meant to disparage President Bush but because Rather’s information was proven forged subsequently Rather was disgraced and lost this job.

Tactics like these have put the major networks CBS, ABC and NBC under a cloud of suspicion along with their cable counterparts MSNBC and CNN. Gibson’s got’cha does more damage to image of the major networks!

Why would they attempt such a stunt? Right now the media is mad that Sen. McCain is ahead in the polls. (see story)

No one should be surprised that the media is attempting to affect the outcome of this election after what they did in 2000 and 2004.

It’s just nice to know that Gibson and his allies will make so evident, what they are doing, from time to time. So evident that only the most rabid of partisans can’t see it.

I’ve got a definition Charlie, Media attempting to affect the outcome of an election I think I’ll call that the Dan Rather Doctrine!

Mr. Gibson do you know what the “Dan Rather Doctrine” is? Hum?