Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We all fall Down!

Millions of dollars from the new tax revenue earmarked for the University of California system as part of the state’s recently passed Proposition 30 will instead be routed to major financial firms because of bad bets made by a Wall Street-influenced UC Board of Regents.-- Leighton Woodhouse
Some would say that Californians singularly deserves the distinction as the dumbest voters in the history of the Union. What other voters would vote to raise taxes on themselves as Californians did November 6, 2012.

California is a state in which it’s leadership has squandered taxpayer’s hard earned money on mismanaged social entitlements and mismanaged government funded social projects, such as the $6 Billion dollar stem cell research bond, proposition 71, voted for in 2004 when the state was and still is in financial crisis.

Oh and we mustn’t forget the $100 Billion dollar high-speed rail system Californian’s voted Initial funding of $9.95 Billion dollars. California voters approved the project on November 4, 2008, with the passage of Proposition 1A

Yet this year again California voted on Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax increase, Proposition 30, $6 Billion dollars in annual taxes in a state by many accounts is on the verge of bankruptcy with unemployment above the national average of 7.8 percent reaching as high as just under 12.5% to now about 10.1%.

Then it also should be no surprising that Gov. Brown’s new $6 Billion dollar tax increase is not going to go to the schools as Brown promised. No reports indicates that this new source of money will make it’s way out of California and into the velvet lined coffers of Wall Street. (see story)

Nevertheless, least we get too hard on California let us remember that they are not the dumbest voters in the history of the Union, no my fair reader that distinction is reserved for us all.

You see we returned to the White house the biggest tax hike in U.S. history when American voters voted to return Barry Hussein Soetoro there.

Obamatax aka American Affordable Healthcare act, International Global taxes on Carbon aka Global warming/Climate Change, and payroll tax increases are all on tap now that the man who vowed to fundamentally change America is president elect.

That’s right America if Californians seem dumb to you then what you did by re-electing a president whose whole campaign was based on raising taxes is the epitome of dumbness. Moreover, as California is falling down. In like similitude, we are all falling down. America is falling down.

Now Californians just do not seem that dumb, now do they?