Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Global Fraud

Ed Begley, Jr. Global Warming Alarmist

Science has been Corrupted!

There is this quite humorous story about a little eleven-year-old boy who was sent to the counselor’s office for a talking to. After minutes of manipulation by the science of mind and behavior at the hands of the school’s trained professional the little eleven-year-old boy looked up at the counselor who was well endowed with post graduate degrees and asked, “Hey are you trying to use psychology on me?”

Yes that is exactly what the counselor was “trying” to do, but apparently not very discreetly and not very effectively either. The little boy for his part had the wherewithal and the common sense to understand that he was being manipulated.

I laugh at that story every time I see an example of the “experts” trying to allay our common sense for some kind of groupthink psychological ploy which is meant to herd us into accepting the experts’ opinion over and above real world evidence or our personal experiences or our common sense.

Take the subject of Global warming for instance, for years the “experts” tried to force this kind of groupthink psychological idea on us that the earth was in danger because of the actions of mankind. (see story)

They invented a name for it by calling it “Climate Change” and they set out to use their post graduate degrees to manipulate the data, the dialogue and the laws/policies that were meant to control the entire world population.

Knowing that it is our normal inclination to defer to authorities these “experts” used that knowledge against us to refute anyone who would disagree with their professional opinions or “Scientific evidence” that Global warming was real and that humans are the cause of it. (see story)

And because they are the “experts” they think we are to mindlessly defer to their expertise on such matters of CO2 emissions and Global warming, completely foregoing the physical evidence that earth’s temperatures are dropping and completely ignoring the fact that global warming theory is based on corrupt science.

How do we know the science is corrupted? While those of us who aren’t mindlessly compliant Global warming-bots have always had our doubts, the evidence of massive conspiracy and corruption was released showing e-mails of the inter-workings of the conspirators of the Global warming hoax, the CPU at East Anglia University, UK. This CPU is the premier scientific data bank and fundamental scientific authority on Global warming. (see source)

Officials of the CPU have not refuted the veracity of the released documents on the contrary they have confirmed their genuineness. And in spite of that we are supposed to be that little eleven-year-old who was supposed to just acquiesce to the authority figure who was attempting to manipulate him. You know like this example of Actor/Activist Ed Begley, Jr. who has been so totally psycho-manipulated into groupthink about global warming that he can no longer think for himself. (see 4:23mins video)

Global warming-bot Ed Begley, Jr. went absolutely ballistic spouting the Global warming meme in the face of evidence of no Global warming. Take note Begley is an example of how Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Alarmist would have us all to be.
Not so fast Mr. Begley the science is there is no Global warming. And the peer review that you defer to is corrupt as the leaked e-mails show. So yeah we wouldn’t be listening to you Ed. But as to real objective scientific research like the following we will still be using. (see 1:50min video)

Global warming is a Fraud and Copenhagen will be a den of thieves. President Barry Hussein Soetoro will be among his peers when he arrives there on the 9th of December a stopover on his way to pick up his unmerited Nobel peace prize.