Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Great News....... or is it?

Great News from the Federal Reserve Bank.
A three-quarter point cut in the federal funds
and the prime rates.

Would be a great help in reducing the massive
consumer debt on the books at high interest
rates, if it weren't for the "sacred-cow" of the
credit world.............. the thieving credit card

There are still millions of middle and lower
class people, who are being forced to pay 25%
and even up as high as 29.5% interest on their
credit cards................... in spite of the fact that
they have never been late paying, and have always
paid at least the minimum payment due.

WHY??????? Simple answer is that the "powers
that be" at the banks, decided in their infinite wisdom
............. that YOU, might be carrying just a little more
debt than they think you should. And so, they are
anticipating a default by the cardholder, even without
proof that it will happen.

If the White House and our do-nothing Democratic
Congress, really want to help this country get out of
it's massive debt..................... FORCE the banks to
bring the credit card interest down to a justifiable rate
............ one that is realistic in today's interest rate scenario
............... and one that is morally right!

So long as the banks can keep favor with Congress,
and are free to rake in massive profits on the backs
of those who can least afford it.....don't expect any
miracles. What we need is some legislation that will
protect the public, instead of our elected officials, and
those who keep them in power.


Something Evil Comes this Way

This year, for the first time, expatriate Democrats can cast their ballots on the Internet in a presidential primary for people living outside the United States.--JESSICA BERNSTEIN-WAX
It portends to be the end of American elections as we know them and I wouldn’t call it ironic that the news is coming out of Mexico City. What’s being reported will have consequences that will undoubtedly have world-wide implications on American elections.

What is being reported is Americans Abroad Can Now Vote Online. But the truth is only Americans who are Democrats can vote online, that’s right Democrats only, just read the article. What this means is now Mexico and Europe will be able to taper online with American elections starting in 2008.

Sounds just about right huh? After all American elections are about getting as many people to vote as possible right? Just as long as they are Democrats and it doesn’t matter whether they are illegal aliens, felons or so called expatriate Democrats (better known as Mexican and European voters) if you help the Party’s plan of advancing homosexuality, tax increases and making America less safe at home and abroad then vote online even if you left the country because George Bush was elected in 2000 and re-elected in 2004.

In the 2000 Presidential elections China and Europe would have given their eye’s tooth to affect the outcome for Democrats.

In the 2004 elections Terrorist and Europeans would have voted for Democrats if they were allowed.
U.S. citizens wanting to vote online must join Democrats Abroad before Feb. 1 and indicate their preference to vote by Internet instead of in the local primaries wherever they last lived in the United States. They must promise not to vote twice for president, but can still participate in non-presidential local elections.
So it’s an honor system, Democrats must promise not to vote twice for president… Yeah right!

Hey you think Democrats were complaining about the Clinton campaign cheating in the Nevada primary last weekend? This ability to vote on-line is just ripe for corruption. How could the Congress allow it? Oh yeah Democrat controlled Congress with RINO’s like John McCain making sure that we have equal and “fair” elections.

Didn't it occur to anyone that one Party shouldn't be able to vote online if the other Party can not? For this incompetence alone Congress should be disbanded!

And everyone knows that a fair election is an election won by Democrats right? In America we only call for recounts if a Republican wins.

Muslims have riots over cartoons and teddy bears, what will it take for Americans to take exception at the corrupting of American elections, Osama bin Laden casting a vote for his favorite Democrat candidate?

Are there any Republicans out there? There may not be after 2008 with Democrat’s latest innovation in stealing elections, world participation in America’s electoral process.

My, what will they think of next?!?

Oh yeah and will someone please logon for Alex Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Eddie Vedder, and Robert Altman who all promised to become expatriates if George Bush won in 2000.

I’m sure they don’t want to miss this election being that they’re out of the country!