Monday, July 02, 2012

Are There are no Dreams in Mexico and Latin America

In 2009, about 38 percent of foreign-born people in the United States were from Mexico or Central America -- CBO report, Director Douglas Elmendorf (source)
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy speaking to Americans said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

President Barry Hussein Soetoro speaking exclusively to Hispanics said, (In so many words) You have asked for the Dream Act, I will give it to you because I feel it’s the right thing to do to insure my reelection.

Never has the contrast been so stark between two America presidents. No matter what the Party differences have been in the past there has never been the thought that a president wasn’t putting America first until now.

We are all aware of the numbers. Upwards of 40million illegal aliens in America. Some have had children, some have relatives and others simply sympathize with their cause. Mexican National and other Latin American Nationals want to come and go in and out of this country without the repercussions that their illegal actions have wrought. Illegals wish to share in this country’s prosperity. I get that.

What I don’t get is an United States president in the middle of the worst recession in the history of the United States granting amnesty to 800,000 to 1 million illegal Nationals of other countries and then giving them work permits when there are 86 million Americans out of work in this country.

That means 86 million people are invisible unemployed, according to the Labor Department.-- John Giokaris (source)

What I don’t get is countries, which illegal Nationals have left behind. Are their no dreams in those countries? Are there no dreams in Mexico? Are there no dreams in El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador or Dominican Republic? Are dreams only be found in the United States? How sad for the Mexico and Central America

If there are no dreams in those countries then why not, what is a country doing wrong when large numbers of it’s working population are fleeing nationalistic homes and going to a foreign country to find basic needs of life or in search of the American dream. Are the Governments of Mexico and Latin American countries so corrupt and so inept that they can’t provide for their people. The answer is yes they are.

Moreover, here’s another question, are these countries ever going to be fixed or is America the permanent economic relieve valve for corruptly run Latin American countries? The answer is these broken country may never be fixed. Not as long as those who are attempting to corrupt the American population with people from other countries, continue to speak about Mexico’s and Latin America’s problems as if they are the United States’ problem. They are not one in the same.

The fact is we don’t have a broken immigration system. What is true is Mexico and Latin America are broken countries. Because these countries are broken their national spillage floods over the borders of the United States, those who wish to mischaracterize what is happening focus on America as being the problem when in fact the problem with illegals in this country is a Mexican and Latin American tragedy.

One wonders is there anyone remaining in Mexico and Latin American countries who are working to fix the vast problems of Mexico and Latin American; the of lack of jobs, the lack of political integrity and the lack of political stability of those countries, is there no one remaining in Latin American countries to run them until the imminent return of their people.

Why is it that we say our immigration laws are broken when clearly our laws are being violated by countries that teach their citizens how to come to America and exploit our laws. Rather and again, I would say that countries that promotion illegal entry into the United States, are the countries that are broken. In addition people who come here illegally and see nothing wrong with trespassing in a foreign country, something is broken with their moral compass, I think. How can they not see that what they are doing as stealing from America and Americans.

If something is wrong with America’s immigration laws it is that U.S. law allows for exploitation from foreign governments and foreign nationals. This manipulation is often assisted by corrupt American government officials who wish to abuse the situation for their own gain.

If you are born in Mexico, do you automatically dream of the United States because there are no hope or dreams in your country? Where’s the pride in that?

Any Mexican national living in the United States illegally should immediately renounce the shameful country of Mexico for its lack of dreams. A Mexican that is in the United States illegally should be ashamed to be associated with Mexico in any way. A Mexican national should learn English as fast has he or she can and forever leave behind the shameful language of a country that has pimped you out to America because they as a country have nothing better than what America has to offer.

Mexicans ought to give Mexico to Blacks. Every time Blacks have built their own communities in American, they have been burned down, destroyed or economically sabotaged. (see source) Blacks would eagerly take the resources of Mexico and turn them into wealth. Mexico boasts of the Richest Man in the world yet there is not a dream big enough and inclusive enough to call all Mexican nationals home to build up Mexico? Truly shameful!

Look at what the Jews have done in Israel, in spite of overwhelming odds since 1948 Jews have made Israel their home.

So what is Mexico’s and Central America’s excuse? There is nowhere on earth with more abundance resources. Why do Hispanics come to the United States and gravel on their knees for handouts rather than work and dream of greatness for their country. Here’s a suggestion Don’t wave your Mexican flag in America if you can’t get something to eat, a job or live decently in Mexico. Wave the American flag.

Hispanic are happy that president Soetoro gave them the Dream, but don’t you know that what is given can be taken away. While you are here fighting for rights that do not belong to you be careful that your homeland will not be completely stolen from you.

Talk of immigration in this country is code for illegal entry into this country by people who are citizens of other countries who only wish to exploit our country.

Likewise, when government officials in America talk about immigration, a code word, which too is talk of exploitation of cheap labor to build someone other than the laborer’s wealth the United States. Finally, illegal entry into the United States will result in the United States becoming less like the country that the founders envisioned and more like the countries, which illegals come. What will Americans do then America unravels due to overpopulation of the United States by other nations’ citizens?

With the president’s new invitation for more immigration lawlessness, I believe we are going to find out what happens when a country is overrun by Mexicans and Latin Americans who are helping themselves to another nation’s wealth simply because there are no dreams in their own countries.