Friday, November 09, 2007

Senator Clinton’s Morning after Pill

Hillary Clinton: Strikes a “what I said was” pose

One thing for certain a Senator Hillary Clinton statement is like a morning after pill, if what the Senator says is deemed a mistake by her campaign one, they will swing into action to clean up the mess made by the Senator by lashing back at anyone with any criticisms of the Senator’s statements and/or two, her campaign will arrange for the Senator to explain what she meant the “morning after” her misstatement in various attempts to clarify her meaning.

For example Senator Clinton’s campaign launched a preemptive strike the last Democratic debate where she anticipated fellow Democrat nominees to hold her feet to the fire. The Senator’s campaign attempted to control the conversation an attempt that didn’t work.

Senator Clinton had posted on her official website a slick message meant to convey the idea that if she was criticized in anyway that criticism would be an attack and that attack would be a negative campaign ploy from her Democrat rivals.

After the debate and Clinton’s apparent Immigration gaffe she made several appearances attempting to explain exactly what it was she was saying about immigration in the debate.

In a subsequent CNN interview the Senator is asked several questions meant to give her an opportunity to answer her critics’ charges of double talk and flip flopping during the Democratic debate.

Remarkably at the end of the Clinton interview it is stated (by the interviewer) that the Senator was still unclear on what she said! Unbelievable!

Below see the Senator’s original statement the night of the debate and the “morning after” CNN interview where the habitual parser Hillary Clinton given a wide berth still can’t seem to say it straight.

CNN Interview with Senator Clinton

Do we ready want a, “What I said was…” President?