Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obama may be unelectable without raising ineligibility Issues

Andrea Mitchell reports that a majority of Americans want change.
According to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, the majority of American voters feel that Barry Hussein Soetoro does not deserve a second term, with only 43% supporting him for re-election. According to Mitchell polls, shows that 49% say that president Soetoro should be a one-term president.(see 1:35min video)

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Democrats seem anxious to dump over an honorable person like Sara Palin while they support a dishonorable man who obtained the presidency by secrecy and deception, a man who still has all his vital records hidden from the American people.

Whoever faces Soetoro must make the records he is hiding the issue. If it is Palin, she has no alternative but to challenge Soetoro where he is the weakest. He is the weakest concerning his birth certificate and his hidden records.

Soetoro’s citizenship is the issue that will end American Progressivism finally in this Nation. Soetoro’s citizenship, or better stated, the lack there of is the lynch pin that ends the complete progressive movement.