Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get on Their Cases!!!!!!

These Senators Still Waffling on Vote on
DREAM Amnesty

We've made a big dent in the number of
Senators willing to take their political
futures in their hands and vote yes........
Let's finish the job. They know that any
who vote FOR Amnesty, will definitely
be "EX-Senators Walking"!



President Bush and retired federal judge Michael Mukasey

Democrats let it be known that if the President sent former solicitor general Theodore Olson's name for consideration to be Attorney General there would be a fight.

But really, when is that different from any other day? Democrats have been fighting with this President since he declared his intent to run for the office almost eight years ago. There is nothing that this President could do that Democrat would agree with short of pack up his cowboy boots and head down to the Crawford Ranch to never be seen or heard of ever again.

Oh there is one thing he could do. He could always let Democrats make all of his decisions after all that is why the American people elected him twice; you know to get all weak in the knees every time a Democrat accused him of being too Conservative or every time a Democrat accused him of selecting too Conservative of an Attorney General.

Democrats seem to still be unclear of the fact that the American people rejected their candidates for President and their national political platforms twice in the last eight years. But what is abundantly clear is that Democrats want to control the politics of United States of America and they are hell bend on doing that if elected or not!

However what is most disappointing is that this Whitehouse is yet to develop the political acumen needed to answer the Democrats and apparently it never will. To bad, with all the talk about Bush’s brain and how smart Karl Rove is he didn’t come up with a way negate the constant and continual barrage of anti-Conservatism levied at the Bush administration. The Whitehouse has learned nothing because right now would be an excellent time for a political fight over who should be Attorney General. Why?

Because it would give the Whitehouse the much need momentum that it needs for the President’s final days in power and it would keep the Democrats off balance by diverting their attention from the steady drum beat of attempted dismantling of the Bush administration by Congressional investigative hearings and hardball politics.

Democrats have already announced that they are not even going to consider President Bush’s Nomination for Attorney General retired federal judge Michael Mukasey until the Whitehouse complies with its request for information regarding the firing of eight U.S. attorneys early this year. The one has absolutely nothing to do with the other but since the Whitehouse so willingly played into their hands by offering a candidate for Attorney General less offensive to Democrat’s sensibilities they can continue to press on the offensive keeping President Bush on his heeds.
Two Senate Democrats warned Monday that the Judiciary Committee would delay confirmation of President Bush’s choice for attorney general unless the White House turned over documents that the panel was seeking for several investigations.
But if the Whitehouse had the backbone to defy Democrats and select the best Conservative for the job the Democrats would get to hold their hearings on the confirmation of let’s say Theodore Olson or anyone that they deem too conservative and provided that the microphones worked Democrat would expose themselves to all fair minded Americans for the partisan haters that they are and we would be reminded once again why these political miscreants shouldn’t be elected to high political office.


What Democrats realize and what so-called conservatives in the Whitehouse and Senate don’t is that this is a life and death fight to establish whose political ideology will reign in America that is why Democrats fight.

Democrats were so terrified in 2000 and 2004 because they though that conservatives would use their elected power and political advantage to once and for all destroy liberalism in America. Needless to say they were overjoyed when Conservatives didn’t understand what to do with political power and they were ecstatic when conservatives ignorantly misused political power for self enrichment and gain rather than destroying their political foes.

Make no mistake Democrats will not make the same error. When they come into power all vestiges of Conservatism will be rooted out burned and destroyed.

Unlike their conservative political enemies Democrats understand that one does not let a vanquished foe live. Democrats will kill Conservativism if they come into political power and will enact the most liberal in-your-face agenda for social change this side of Roe vs. wade.

Unfortunate for the American people and fortunately for the Democrats President Bush never quite figured out how to spend his political capital for social change.

If Democrats happen to win the Whitehouse in 2008 they will not make the same mistake.