Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Biden cancels out hope and change

If there were other reasons to vote for Sen. Obama other than he is Black the Senator has virtually canceled out those reasons with the selection of Senator Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. and here’s why.

Sen. Obama primary message was a rage against the machinations of politics as usual. Not even Hillary Clinton escaped Obama’s bruising critique of Washington insiders and their cut throat politics.

Sen. Biden is an old school attack dog from the left who is needed to do the job that Obama’s image won’t allow Sen. Obama to do without completing losing his credibility as a completely new politician who has levitated above Washington partisanship and grid-lock. Obama pick of Biden signals that there will be no walking on water, there will be no change from Democrat negative politics.

Second, to pick a go-to man to do your fighting for you indicates that you’ve lost hope. Sen. Biden is a desperate admission by the Obama campaign that all of their strategies to this point have failed. (see here), (here) and (here)

Obama’s world tour meant to give him presidential gravitas failed, Obama message of I’m right about the war and the surge and everyone else is wrong has been countered with his own selection of Biden who voted for the war, voted to fund the war and though Biden opposed the surge like Obama both of them were proven horribly wrong, the surge has worked and is working. The selection of Biden is an indication that the Obama campaign has lost hope.

My last point is Sen. Joseph Biden is a plagiarist and for that fact he was all but drummed out of his first attempt to run for president back in 1987. I suppose the adage that it takes one to know one easily applies here because Sen. Obama has been accused of plagiarism and has admitted to such but has received quite different results Sen. Obama’s plagiaristic eposide was virtually overlooked in spite of the Clinton campaigns efforts to make it a campaign ending issue.

Finally, the selection of Joe Biden is an act of desperation by the Obama camp which signals a change in the message of hope and change. Joe Biden makes Obama just a common ordinary Washington politician trying to win an election by any means necessary. Sen. Biden’s reputation as a blowhard proceeds him :

Joe Biden is supposed to bring foreign policy expertise to the Obama campaign but Biden carried the Democrat’s wrong line about Iraq and the Democrat’s wrong assessment that the surge wouldn’t work and war was lost. Sen. Biden said that the Bush administration did not make one correct decision regarding Iraq.

"The surge isn't going to work either tactically or strategically,” Biden told the Boston Globe last summer. “Tactically it isn't going to work because ... our guys go in and secure a neighborhood, but because we don't have enough troops, we have to turn it over to the Iraqis, and they can't hold it or won't hold it.”-- CBS News' John Bentley

Sen. Biden, as all of the Democrats were wrong about the surge! So much for Joe Biden as a foreign policy expert and so much for seas rising and the earth healing!

Suddenly Sen. Obama is starting to look very ordinary. Yeah just like a Democrat who will say anything and do anything to win. Hope and change canceled out by Obama's choice of Joseph Biden!