Friday, July 06, 2012

Soledad O’Brien believes Eric Holder lied about Gun Walking

The AG of the United States, Eric Holder, has admitted on several occasion that the United States and specifically the DOJ was involved in an act of giving guns to Mexican drug cartels in a DOJ program dubbed, “Fast and Furious” Holder so stated before Congressional hearing under oath as well he is on tape admitting it.

It is believed that this act of “gun running” was an attempt to strike at the second amendment. The scenario is Holder’s DOJ would track the guns that they gave to the drug cartels, the cartels would commit crimes with those guns and the DOJ would publish the story that it was because of America’s lax second amendment gun laws crimes with guns in Mexico where possible. Therefore, the second amendment must be abridged or abrogated in some fashion.

However, the DOJ was caught red handed in this effort and exposed on by whistleblowers within the agency. Subsequently the AG was been charged with a contempt of Congress citation because he has refused to hand over documents regarding these occurrences. It is an act of in subornation because Congress constitutionally has oversight of the DOJ and therefore has the authority of see the records, which they have requested.

In that light Soledad O’Brien known for her “objective reporting” interviews Rep. John Mica who is on the Congressional committee investigating the charges made against the DOJ, which states that “Fast and Furious” was a DOJ effort to sale guns to drug cartels.

O’Brien: What evidence do you have that in fact there was gun walking? Mica: (laugh) Well maybe I was watching a different program, I just saw the AG on your television screen saying that there was gun walking. O’Brien: what evidence do you have from the ATF that there was gun walking? Mica: (mockingly) Well just the AG, I guess we can’t believe him, but we don’t know what to believe that’s the whole point here

O’Brien attempts to introduce at this late date the laughable hypothesis that there was no gun running at all. O’Brien’s claim (she makes through a reporter’s article) is because of lax American gun laws Mexican drug cartels got access to American guns. Therefore, the American constitution and American laws are the problem and must be fixed. It is a breathtaking attempt to say that the ends justify the means. However in this twist, O’Brien attempts to reinsert the “ends” while claiming that the “means” didn’t happen.(see 11:25min video after 30sec ad)

Once again Soledad O’Brien proves she is a farce, a partisan clown who uses reporters stories much like bloggers use news articles instead of investigative reporting to ascertain facts. (my apologize to bloggers who investigate and report facts) O’Brien even played a video where the AG himself admits that the DOJ walked guns however she disregards that admission in order to put forth her partisan view that Eric Holder was unfairly found in Contempt of Congress. Holder has admitted gun walking happened. O’Brien is calling Holder a liar.

Maybe Soledad would best ask the AG why he said that the DOJ walked guns across the Mexican border and sale them to Mexican drug cartels. Better yet Soledad please cease from pretending that you are a legitimate reporter. Soledad O’Brien is a Keith Olbermann partisan who should find her way to Current TV along with all the other Global warming fanatics.