Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Conservatives didn’t lose Democrats just delayed the Inevitable

America voted it’s values when it reelected Barry Hussein Soetoro. You see for the people in the majority who reelected the president they see the world as the president does.

The way the president and his emerging majority see the world; Israel is not a natural ally of america, america is not a honorable and great nation, there is no united states of america; there is only a Black-america, a Hispanic-america, a Homosexual-america, Feminist-america, middle-class america and a millionaire and billionaire america.

In the president’s vision of a composite america coalitions of americans are made just as stray neighborhood dogs devolve into semi-wild packs.

These misbehaving canines revert to the primitive structure of the pack to protect themselves from modernity and to hunt and harass victims weaker than their combined group.

How does that compare to what the president has done? The president worked first to balkanize america based on ethnicity, class, union affiliation and sexuality and then he cobbled them back together into loosely confederated groups all hostile against Conservatives, all hostile against the american idea of unity. In other words the president has divided america into never seen before semi-wild political packs.

Yet, these are fragile alliances. He first pits special interests against a common enemy, Conservatives. However ultimately these groups must and will turn and fight one another to get the scraps of meaty promises dangled before them by president Soetoro. These promises are what motivated them to work corporately to reelect him in the first place.

In the president’s tenuous victory are already sown the seeds of destruction. Once the common enemy is defeated and put in abeyance the packs with begin to look out for their own particular interests. Thus these temporary groups will eventually break up Hispanic-americans have already sent the message that the president owes them. If the president gives them the power that they seek by granting amnesty surely the other packs will feel that they are entitled to more of the spoils for their individual group as well.

Therefore, Obama’s groups of victims will quickly devolve into dog eat dog as each group attacks to get it’s share of the america, which president Soetoro has promised each group.

In four short years Obama has fundamentally transformed American from what was once E Pluribus Unum into a fractured nation of hyphenated-americans.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney promised to end the classism, the partisanship and bring america back to the promise of a united society. Romney’s promise is not a promise that a pack of rabid Partisans want.

What is inevitable is the president’s divided america will fall. What is inevitable is the Conservative message of one united American will eventually win over Obama’s vision of a fractured disjointed america.

Conservatives did not lose this election. What was lost in this election was america’s way. Americans with eventually see that something is gravely wrong with their country.

In addition, when they do they will throw of the false dream from Barry Hussein Soetoro’s father and reclaim the American dream of the founding fathers.

It is inevitable that Americans will see the multitude of errors being committed by the Democrat Party and when they do America’s will embrace Conservative ideas of God and Country.

It is inevitable that this will happen again.